Distance By Train - The Best Way to Find Shortest Train Route

In India people are completely dependent on IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) for all the information related to Indian Railways such as online reservation, checking PNR status, finding trains between Stations, viewing train schedule, checking train berth availability, etc.

This is really a good thing that Indian Railway Government site (indianrail.gov.in) tried or still trying to provide all the needed train enquiry at a place. But a big drawback of this site is, many times it goes down or work very slow that is the most annoying situation for the people. You can notice that for knowing a simple information, you will have to make so many clicks on IRCTC site and wait for a long time. 

If you are also feeling irritated by using the IRCTC site and looking for an easiest way to get complete train Info then Distance By Train is an appropriate website for you. Let's know more about Distance By Train.
Distance By Train - The Best Way to Find Shortest Train Route
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What is Distance By Train?
Distance By Train is a train inquiry website that helps you to know train info very quickly and very easily. The interesting thing with this website is, it provides you the complete info without entering station codes or train numbers.

Or In other words we can say that Distance By Train is a useful website that provides us the route and train information in one click such as: trains between one station to another station, train name, train number, name of stations, time of the trains, average speed of the train, Time of Journey, and distance between two stations, etc.

Distance By Train - The Best Way to Find Shortest Train Route

The purpose of Distance By Train is to provide the information to passengers in very fast and easy way. The developer team of Distance By Train mainly focused on providing information very fast (which is the need of people) while designing this site. 

UI and design of this website are quite simple but enough to attract you. Only one or two ads are present on the website that will not bother you in any condition and most auspicious thing is it runs very fast. During writing the station name several drop-down suggestions will appear which will help you to select your station name.
Distance By Train - The Best Way to Find Shortest Train Route
To get information about any train route, only you have to write the name of stations between which you wish to travel and you will be able to see all the required information as shown in above (second) screenshot.  If you want to get full time distance Chart of the train along with station name then click on train name. After clicking on train name you will be able to see the detailed full time distance Chart as shown below.

Distance By Train - The Best Way to Find Shortest Train Route

A special feature of the website that will attract you so much is, suggesting the train route through break journey. Yeah, i am saying right. If train between two stations does not run then in this condition Distance by Train will suggest you the other train route which could possible your travel through break journey. It also shows you that where you have to Change the train in break journey.

For example: There is no any direct train available for travelling from Hazaribagh to Amritsar, in this condition it's suggesting the availability of trains by Break Journey.

Distance By Train - The Best Way to Find Shortest Train Route

If you are thinking that Distance By Train shows only the train route through popular stations then you are wrong, it covers all the popular and small stations (including rural areas) in India.

People are happy with this helpful website and they are taking advantage of it in order to get the information about shortest train route. So, we can say that the purpose of this site is being fulfilled and Distance By Train is the best way to find the shortest train route in India.

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Try this awesome train inquiry website and share your view with us through comments. Feel free to ask anything related to Distance By Train, we will appreciate your comments. 

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