How to Stop Neighbors from Using Your Wi-Fi Network

If you are using a Wi-Fi network then you must have all the basic and needed knowledge related to Wi-Fi network because if you don't have the knowledge then you can be easily cheated by the people who know better about Wi-Fi network.

How to Stop Neighbors from Using Your Wi-Fi Network

One question may come in your mind here - How they can cheat with us?

Its simple answer is - By Stealing your Wi-Fi Network and using silently without informing you.

If you are still not aware from these things then this article is dedicated to you. In this article I am going to show you how you can identify that neighbours are using your Wi-Fi network and how you can prevent them from Stealing your Wi-Fi Network. Let’s grab it:

How to know someone is stealing your wi-fi network
This is very simple, If the data LED of your wireless router is blinking continuously and even any members of your family are not using the Internet at home then it means someone (your neighbors) are stealing your Wi-Fi network. Non-stop blinking of the LED light in router notifies that your Wi-Fi network is being used by some external device.

How to confirm if your neighbors are stealing your Wi-Fi Network
If you wish to confirm whether your neighbors are using your wireless home network or not here's a simple trick. Firstly, open your browser and add your router’s IP address in the address bar. Now open the DHCP Client table (Status --> Local Network --> DHCP), from here you can see the complete list of devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi Network including those of strangers. Must remember one thing, the default IP address of maximum routers is either or

How To Prevent Your Neighbors From Using Your Wi-Fi Network
Once you confirmed that exactly your neighbors are stealing your Wi-Fi Network, you shouldn't take much time to prevent them. To reach your neighbors (who are using your Wi-Fi Network) you can’t block the Wi-Fi signals, but you can easily secure your wireless network by using few settings. These simple settings are:

(1) Set up a password for Wi-Fi Network: At first, go to the admin dashboard of your router’s and change the wireless security mode settings. You have to change it to either WPA2, WPA or WEP (I would suggest you to use WPA2). If you have done this setting then it means your Wi-Fi Network is completely secured. Now no one can use your Wi-Fi network without knowing the password.

How to Stop Neighbors from Using Your Wi-Fi Network

(2) Use MAC Address Filtering: As we all know that computer, laptop, Smartphone, tablet and all other devices have a unique MAC address. So, you will have to add the unique MAC address for all the devices you use for accessing your Wi-Fi network.

First of all, go to your router’s dashboard and just under the Wireless Mac Filter section, add the unique MAC address for all your desired devices. Now only the whitelisted devices (all those devices for which you entered a unique MAC address) can access your wireless network.
How to Stop Neighbors from Using Your Wi-Fi Network

(3) Rename the name of your Wireless Network: This is quite funny but the best ways to discourage your neighbors from using your Wi-Fi Network. Only you have to rename the name of your wireless Network to something very creepy such as malware, virus, cyber-attack etc. 

In other words we can say that you have to add those types of names that people never wish to add or use. You can rename it like – c:virusattack.exe. After seeing this type of name no one will ever dare to access it.

I hope the above mentioned tips and tricks will help you to protect your Wi-Fi network from undesirable access. Feel free to ask and share your view about this article via comments. 

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