6 Ultimate Educational Apps for Students

In this digital world every kid knows accessing computer/laptop or smartphones very well. Even sometimes kids know better than their parents about latest gadgets and other technology related stuff. 

If you are a student and using your android or iphone/ipad just for playing video game, listening songs, accessing facebook or twitter then you are losing the opportunity to learn a lot of things related to your study. You should know that your phone can also be a powerful and knowledgeable study partner if you will use in proper way.

6 Ultimate Educational Apps for Students

As a student I know very well that all students want to achieve extra marks to secure the top rank in their school/college or university and so they study till many hours. Even sometimes, due to the lack of time they don't care about their health and they get suffered from illness.

So, i decided to share some ultimate educational apps for the students help. These apps will not only help you to find appropriate solution or topics but also it will save your lots of time. Let’s know about these advantageous apps.

6 Best and useful educational apps for students

(1) Studious:
Studious is the best app for Scatterbrain students. I am saying this because Studious manages all kinds of things such as: reminding about your due homework and tests, saving notes or photos and even it also Silences your phone during lectures in class.
6 Ultimate Educational Apps for Students

You will have to only enter all information such as date, time, location and professor's name and the app takes care of the rest.

(2) Khan Academy:
I hope you are familiar with this name “Khan Academy”.  Khan Academy is an organization (not-for-profit) on a mission. The purpose of Khan Academy is to provide a free world-class education to anyone anywhere. 

6 Ultimate Educational Apps for Students

The team of this organization has released an awesome app called Khan Academy. This is a complete free app and available for iOS. The app helps you to study about anything in the world, all types of subjects and social knowledge also. Interesting thing is it also allows you to download videos for offline viewing and subtitle support for easier understanding. 

(3) Dictionary.com:
We all know, if anyone want to grow communication skills then challenging words may be the resistor in learning period. At that time you can easily face this difficulty using Dictionary.com. 

6 Ultimate Educational Apps for Students

Dictionary.com is a free app and available for Multiple Platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Kindle Fire. Voice activated search is the most useful feature of it. Even you can also see that what words were searched just near you (what your classmates has searched or searching).

(4) iFormulas:
If you want a quick handy option for all the formulas you use, then iFormulas is just perfect for you. The app is free and available for iOS. We can simply say that iFormulas app is a complete package of Formulas.

6 Ultimate Educational Apps for Students

The app offers formulas, ratios, theorems and other mathematical properties. it also allows you to find formulas subjects-wise like Physics, Chemistry and electrical-related subjects etc.

(5) Mathway:
If you are expecting some help in mathematics then Mathway is appropriate app for you. Mathway is a free and quite useful app which has ability to solve your mathematics homework for you. The app is available for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire.

6 Ultimate Educational Apps for Students

 If you're stuck on any Math problem and wish to see if your half-baked solution got you to the correct answer, you have to just enter your problem in the app and check out if your solution matches from the given solutions. You can get step-by-step solutions and complete app guide by paying. It's really much cheaper than hiring a tutor for your help and more suitable also.

(6) Scribd:
Scribd is one of the largest document-sharing libraries all across the world with millions of books and documents in its database. The app is available for iOS and android.

6 Ultimate Educational Apps for Students

You can accommodatingly access this vast library anywhere to find notes, texts and study guides shared by users around the world. you can also curate different - different documents from all over Scribd and manage them according to the appropriate topic to make your own library of notes based on your favourite topics.

I hope you liked these educational apps for students. Don’t worry these are not enough, I am going to share some more useful and helpful apps for students in upcoming post soon. Stay connected with us to grab that.

Feel free to share your view about these apps through comments. Your comments will be always appreciated here. To get more useful apps, tips and tricks, latest updates check out our Tips for Android section or iphone/ipad Tips section.
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