10 Mind-Blowing Tips and Tricks for Windows 8.1 Users

Most of the people felt surprise and excited when Microsoft upgraded Windows 8.1 from Windows 8. With the upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, Microsoft has made various great changes mainly to improve on all those specific aspects that Windows 8 has received much criticism for.

10 Mind-Blowing Tips and Tricks for Windows 8.1 Users

But many people still don't know about the availability of useful features with Windows 8.1. So in this article, I have listed few mind-blowing Tips and Tricks for all the Windows 8.1 users. Let’s grab it:
(1) How to View Options from the Start Button
People were worry about "Start button" but the Start button is back. You can very easily use Start button just like you were using on Windows 7.

10 Mind-Blowing Tips and Tricks for Windows 8.1 Users

If you will make a Left- click on the Start button it will smoothly redirect you to the Start Screen and if you will make a right-click on it then it will show you various options such as Run, Search, Desktop, Shut Down, File explorer, control panel, task manager and many more options as shown in above screenshot.

(2) How to Login Directly To Desktop
With windows 8.1 when you start your PC, by default it will take you to the Start Screen. But if you wish to go direct on the Desktop when you start your PC then a simple way are available.
10 Mind-Blowing Tips and Tricks for Windows 8.1 Users

To enable this option, make a Right-click on the desktop toolbar then select Properties and finally go to the Navigation tab. Now under the options of Start Screen, enable the box stated like "When I sign in or close all applications on a screen go to the desktop instead of Start". That's it.

(3) How to Customize Start Screen Background
Sometimes people feel very uncomfortable by seeing same colour on start screen. And so Microsoft provided you the option to customize your start screen in Windows 8.1. To customize your start screen Background, swipe the Settings Charm menu and simply tap on Settings. Now click on the option of Personalize to change the colours of the background as well as the accent. That's it.

(4) How to Create a Lock Screen Slideshow
In all previous Windows, Your Windows lock screen was just like a static photo.  But with windows 8.1, you can very easily create a lock screen slideshow with your own favourite photos. 

10 Mind-Blowing Tips and Tricks for Windows 8.1 Users

To create a lock screen slideshow, firstly go to the Settings Charm menu and make a click on Change PC SettingsNow select the option of PC and Devices and then click on Lock Screen. Finally, turn ON the option to create a lock screen slideshow.

(5) How to Use 3D Printing Support
In these days all the people want to enjoy 3D features and they always talk about it. Microsoft fulfilled the wishes of people by providing 3D printing support features in windows 8.1. Proudly it can be said that Windows 8.1 is the first operating system which provide the support for 3D printing. 

10 Mind-Blowing Tips and Tricks for Windows 8.1 Users

Using this feature, you can print from the Windows apps Store and desktop applications accommodatingly. If you are being excited and want to know more information about 3D printing support and how it works then click here.
(6) How to Customize Your Privacy 
All people want privacy while using any service or apps and Windows 8.1 offers you the options to Customize your Privacy. It provides you some useful options to set what devices and data are used by apps available in the Windows Store. Using this option you can freely allow or block apps from accessing your personal data or personal information. 

10 Mind-Blowing Tips and Tricks for Windows 8.1 Users

Even you can also turn off your advertising ID, so that advertisers will be not able to use your personal information or data to display personalized ads. To Customize Your Privacy settings, go to Change PC settings and then navigate to Privacy option.

(7) How to Delete Old Windows Installation Files
You can notice that when you upgrade from an old version of Windows to a new version   then Windows keeps a file like C:\Windows.old with your other old files. This file also takes some storage space. So, if you wish to delete this folder to free up storage space then follow these steps:

10 Mind-Blowing Tips and Tricks for Windows 8.1 Users

Firstly, Search for Disk Clean up and then make a click on Free up disk space shortcut. Now click on the Clean-up system files to enable the Previous Windows Installations option and then finally run a disk clean up. If this option is not appearing on your PC, that means there is nothing to clean up from your system.

(8) How to Use Help & Tips App 
Microsoft added an awesome app with windows 8.1 which is called Help & Tips App, which has ability to guide you on almost everything. I like to use very much Help & Tips App, because it helps impressively when i face any problem related to Windows 8.1 features.

10 Mind-Blowing Tips and Tricks for Windows 8.1 Users

Interesting thing is, it also uses short animations to show you the exact gestures and comprehension to operate Windows 8.1 perfectly. You can easily find this awesome app on the Start Screen, named Help & Tips.
(9) How to use Smart Files
We all know that most of the people are prefer to use cloud storage and so windows 8.1 comes with an amazing feature called Smart Files. Smart Files is a very useful and completely new feature on Windows 8.1.  It allows you to view all your SkyDrive files without downloading onto your PC. You can browse SkyDrive folder through Availability column which is inside the File Explorer option.

10 Mind-Blowing Tips and Tricks for Windows 8.1 Users

(10) How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts
We all know very well that Keyboard Shortcuts plays vital role to use any services or app perfectly. So here I am going to share 15 new and needed keyboard shortcuts which you should use on Windows 8.1.

Shortcut                             Action
Windows Key + F Search files
Windows Key + S Open Search Charm to search Windows and Web
Windows Key + Q For Searching within the opened app
Windows Key + Z To Get Commands and Context Menus within an app
Windows Key + . + Right Arrow     Snap app to the right
Windows Key + . + Left Arrow Snap app to the left
Ctrl + Plus (+) Zoom in on Start Screen
Ctrl + Minus (-) Zoom out on Start Screen
Windows Key + Down Arrow         To Close an app
Windows Key + Start Typing To Search your PC
Windows Key + P To Select a presentation display mode
Windows Key + X To Open Start Button options
Windows Key + Home To minimize all windows
Windows Key + Ctrl + Space bar    Change to a previously used or chosen input language
Windows Key + O To Lock the screen orientation (portrait or landscape)

I hope, you enjoyed these above mentioned ultimate tips and tricks of windows 8.1. Please don’t forget to share your view with us through comments. your comments will be always appreciated here.

To get more useful tips and tricks, latest updates related to windows 8.1 check out our windows 8.1 tricks section. 

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