How to add Google+ Tab into Your Facebook Fan Page

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We all know that every webmaster, company or brand has their fan page in several social network sites such as Facebook, Google plus, YouTube Channel, Pinterest etc. The fan pages on social network sites not only promote your business, it also provides you the feedback from users and audience about your products or brand.   

You can notice one thing that no any social network companies offers you to highlight one social fan page at another one. But Facebook is the one and only social site that allows you to integrate Google+ Tab into Your Facebook Fan Page very easily.

How to add Google+ Tab into Your Facebook Fan Page

Adding a Google plus tab into your Facebook fan page lets your fans and facebook friends to add the Google+ page to their circles, +1 it directly from facebook. So, in this post I am going to share how to add Google+ Tab into Your Facebook Fan Page. Here’s how
How to add Google+ Tab at Facebook Fan Page

(1) Firstly, go to your account and search for “Static Html” at the search bar.

(2) From the search result just Select the Static HTML: iframe tabs app and make a click on it.

Static HTML: iframe tabs app

(3) After clicking a page will be appear as shown below. Here you have to click on Add Static HTML to a Page button.

Add Static HTML to a Page

(4) Now a new window will appear that will let you select the fan page from the list of all your facebook pages. So, if you admin more then one page then select your suitable fan page (where you wish to add Google+ tab) from the drop-down menu and simply click on the Add Static HTML: iframe tabs button.

Add Static HTML: iframe tabs

(5) Wow, you have added the app (Static Html) at your Facebook Fan page. You can see a start mark tab has been added in your facebook page. 

(6) Now you have to do few editing to set-up your Google+ tab. So, click on the star mark tab as shown below.

click on the star mark tab

(7) After clicking a page will appear as shown below, here you have to click on Edit Tab à.

Edit Tab

(8) Now you are ready to add HTML code here, under the index.html tab.

index.html tab

(9) To add the Google+ tab, you have to delete the entire paragraph that has been added in the index.html tab by default with this app.  And just add the following code.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<g:page data-layout="portrait" data-showcoverphoto="true" href="{pageId or +pageName}"></g:page>
( Replace the green color URL with your Google+ Page URL)
Note: In this post I am adding the code for Google plus page. You can also add other badges like personal badge, community badge according to your wish. 

(10) After adding the code, simply click on Save & Publish button.

Save & Publish
(11) To see the added tab you can click on Preview tab.

Facebook offers you the facility to add Google+ Image or name according to your choice. So it’s time to set-up a name and image for Google+ tab. Follow the below mentioned instructions:

  • Go to your Facebook fan page and expand the favourite section.
  • Now hover your mouse on Welcome tab (start mark image) and click on the pencil icon to select the option of ‘Edit Settings’ from the drop-down menu.
Edit Settings
  • From here, you can change the default tab name and image.
  • To change the default image, click on change link. 
click on change
  • A new window will appear to upload your desired image. Click on Edit icon (by hovering) and the add image.
Edit icon

You have to keep in your mind that your new image dimension should be of 111 x 74 pixels and the size limit for the image is 5 MB maximum. Otherwise your image will not be accepted anymore.
  • Now, give an appropriate name for the Google+ tab and save it.
give an appropriate name
  • Finally, click on the OK button.
Congratulation! You have added the Google+ tab on your facebook fan page successfully. Go on your facbook page and see Google+ tab. Now whenever your fan will click on that Google+ tab then they will be able to see your Google+ Page or profile as shown in below screenshot.
 Google+ Page
I hope you enjoyed this step-wise post. Feel free to share your view with us through the comments and Connect with us on  Google+ | Facebook TwitterLooking for more useful tips and tricks, latest updates related to Google+ then check out our Google tips section.

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