How to Smoothly Convert Your PDFs into Editable PPT Slides

PowerPoint presentations are among the most popular forms of informing an audience about your topic. Whether you want to convince a client to buy your product or to impress your history professor with an innovative way of depicting a certain historical period, informative and visually appealing PPT slides will do the job successfully.

Experienced presentation makers know better than to create each slideshow from scratch. They usually have an archive of past presentations that contain a lot of useful textual and visual information that can be modified and used again. It would be a waste of time to undergo a whole new research for materials that one already has.

The problem with archived material is that it is usually stored in Portable Document Format that is difficult to edit without some additional software. Business professionals and all kinds of office workers are becoming increasingly interested in PDF converters, because they know that this useful software can greatly boost their productivity by reducing the amount of time spent on preparing presentation material.

How to Smoothly Convert Your PDFs into Editable PPT Slides

Able2Extract PDF Converter 8 is one of the best PDF to PowerPoint converters, not only because it delivers very smooth and accurate conversions, but also because of its selective conversion option. That means the users can choose whether they want to convert the whole PDF documents or to extract only parts of the material they need to use for their new project. Download Able2Extract PDF converter from here and install it on your PC to start the conversion process.

The following step-by-step tutorial will prove how easy it is to use Able2Extract software. 

(1) Open your archived PDF file:

Open PDF file

(2) Extract the information you wish to convert and modify:

Extract and modify

(3) Click on “PowerPoint

 Click on PowerPoint

(4) Give the Name and save your file when prompted. 

(5) That's it!

These four steps that took you a minute or two to complete would turn into at an hour of retyping information, if you chose to work without a PDF converter. Productivity tools such as Able2Extract are very helpful in an office or school environment, and everyone should consider having it as part of their work toolbox. 

I personally suggest all Howtouncle readers to use Able2Extract PDF converter for a better experience.  I assure all of you that you will really like the work smoothness and suitable conversion of this amazing converter. please give a try and share your view with us. 

Feel free to ask anything related to Able2Extract PDF converter if you have any confusion. your comments will be always appreciated here.

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