October 1, 2013

How to Remove Preloaded Apps from Android and iphone

Android phone has captured a wide area in the field of Smartphone all across the world. The various latest & amazing features are the reason of its huge demand. You can see - most of the latest Smartphone and tablet are coming with several preloaded apps, but people doesn't like these preloaded apps.

How to Remove Preloaded Apps from Android and iphone

All though,  some Smartphone and tablet work with the limited internal memory which is one of the most momentous thing. It has been observed that most of the Android and iOS users are feeling uncomfortable from the availability of multiple preloaded apps. 

Many users has complained about these unusable preloaded apps, because neither these apps are useful for users nor being uninstall easily from their devices. These preloaded apps come along with the Smartphone OS or with the other carrier, and so it is not very simple to delete it. The countless users are willing to remove these unwanted apps from their devices but they are still unable.

But here good news for all android and iphone users and that is; it is possible to remove the preloaded apps from your devices. I am going to explain about how to remove preloaded apps from Android and iPhone. For the removing process of preloaded apps, you will have to follow few steps, which is given below;

How to Remove Preloaded Apps from Android

You can easily remove the preloaded apps from your android device, but for the removing process you will have to understand some points. Here two methods are mentioned.

Method (1):
It has been proved that these preloaded apps cannot be uninstalled or removed by the user like regular apps on Android phones. Now, there are two alternatives available for the users: One is that they can block the all preloaded app or second is make them completely disable.

So, In order to disable the preloaded apps from your Android phones, you will have to perform little action, and that is:

(a) Firstly, Go to your phone’s "settings" menu and just tap on the "Apps" menu. Here you will be able to see all the apps on your Android device's screen.

(b) If you don't know the identification of preloaded apps, then you can identify preloaded app by the help of this direction: just tap on any of the regular app which you have used many times, then after tapping you will find the option of "Uninstall option". And when you will do the same thing for a preloaded app, then you will only find the option of "Uninstall Updates". And thus you can identify which is preloaded app or not.

(c) Now, when you find the preloaded app then just tap on their Uninstall Updates option and uninstall all the updates completely of that selected apps. After done this process, you will be able to see a "Disable" option for blocking the apps. So just tap on it and make it disable.

(d) By repeating same action on the entire preloaded app, you can make them disable.

You have done, but it can't be said a complete & true uninstalling process for a preloaded app. By this process you have made them disable and now these disabled app will not run next time. But still it is present in your android device, and this is the reason, we have to move towards second method.

Method: (2)
If you are not satisfied with the option of disabling all preloaded app, as mentioned in first method then try for this method. 

For the complete uninstalling, just do root process with your Android device. Because, only this (root) process can uninstall or remove exactly all the preloaded app or data available in your android phone.

But, firstly you should know one thing and that is: the root processes have ability to cancel your Android phone warranty. And it will cancel.

Important Warning: You are removing the app of a particular system which has included from initially.  So, it may the cause of breaking down your Android device. Now, it does depend upon you - what you want or not. And if you wish to do the root process then it will be your personal risk.

Titanium Backup is the best option for those who want to root their devices. it will let users to uninstall or disable the apps on rooted Android device. These apps are also able to provide various features like: backup of all the apps and create update.zip files for in the case user want to restore the phone in the previous stage if little thing goes wrong.

How to Remove Preloaded Apps from Android and iphone

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How to Remove Preloaded Apps from iOS devices

There are also so many preloaded apps available in a stock iOS device, Alike to the Android OS. And similar to android users, iphone user also don't like these unwanted preloaded apps. For that reason they want to completely uninstall or remove them without delay.

To remove the preloaded apps follow these steps:

(a) Here you will have to see - If the action of jailbreak has been not completed with your iOS devices then the you can do only a task with these apps and that is: You will have to move all those useless preloaded apps in a single folder and keep out of sight it in a corner. Be sure, these unusable apps will not be appear in front of your eyes every time while you will access your iOS device continuously for a long time.

(b) and if you have already completed the Jailbreak action with your iOS devices then you can easily delete the all unusable preloaded apps using a root method.

Important warning: Alike the android OS, it has also same situation. When you will remove or uninstall these preloaded apps by the root process, it may harm the operating system of your device or even cancel the warranty of your iOS device. So, also this process should be performing at your own risk. 

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