Create Attractive HTML5 Websites With Google Web Designer

If you are a web designer or graphic designer then this is very exciting news for you and that news is Google released the beta version of Google Web Designer application. Google Web Designer is very advanced and useful application. It allows you to create various beautiful and creative websites and advertisements.

With this application you will be able to build lots of Flash-style animated web pages and advertisements without using the Flash. Some surprising features have been included with the Google Web Designer application. Few of them are:
  • Media creation controls
  • Two animation modes
  • Full 3D object rotate tool
  • A pen tool
  • A rectangle (illustration) tool
  • Design and Code view tool
The new application is complete free to download and it can be very easily download from the Google Web Designer page. To start the downloading you will have to accept all the given terms and conditions and then save the .exe file on your personal computer or laptop to install.

I assure you, you will feel very easy to work with this application. To get started with the application, simply run the program on your computer and go to the File menu. Now here you have to select the option of create new file. This new file option provides two main categories first is “Google Ads” and second is “Blank file”.

If you want to create a Google ads then just select the option of Google Ads. Now insert the name of your ad and start creating awesome ad according to your wish.

Or if you wish to create an attractive and beautiful web page then select the option of Blank File. Now insert the name of your webpage and start creating your project with Google Web Designer tool.

And because this tool is powered with the several free and useful tools, so also you will be able to create best 3D content with the power of CSS3 and animations. One thing you have to keep in mind that currently the Google Web Designer application is only available for Windows PC and Mac OS X, so the Linux or Chromebooks users will be not able to use this tool right now. But keep patience Google will introduce Google Web Designer tool with you soon.

To know more Check out the demo:-

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