How to Permanently Delete Your Google, Facebook and Twitter Account

In present time almost all the people uses Google, Facebook and twitter to connect with their friends or family. These social networking sites keeps your all personal info and that info helps you to connect with your friends or other users. But by any reasons, if you don't want to share your personal info with others and want to permanently deactivate or delete your Google, Facebook and twitter account then this Article is very useful for you.

Important Note: Please keep in mind one thing that after deleting your accounts you will be not able to reactivate your account or get back (recover) your account data. And if you have read this note carefully then follow the below mentioned guide to permanently delete your Google, Facebook and Twitter Account.

How to permanently delete Google Account
We all know very well that Google account associates along with several web services when you use your Google account. So this is very important to know that if you will delete your Google account then you will lose all the data such as Emails, Google Drive files, contacts and many more data that are related to your Google account. And if you want to save any data then take the backup of your important data before delete your account. To delete your Google account follow the below mentioned guide:
  • Firstly, log in to your Google account using your Email ID & password and click on this link to go for setting account page.
  • And on this page you will see several options such as Email, Language, SMS for Hangouts, Storage and Account Management.
  • You have to go to the option of Account Management and click on the third option named “Close account and delete all services and information associated with it.” to proceed.

  • When you will enter next page you will see various options as shown in below screenshot. Here you have to check all the given options and just enter your password then finally click on the red button of Delete Google Account.

  • Congratulation! Your Google account is deleted successfully.

How to permanently delete Facebook Account
Deleting Facebook account is a very simple task and it takes only few seconds. Many people say that facebook account can’t be deleted permanently. I think they are still unknown from the truth of facebook account deleting process. Yehhh…. This is correct that facebook account can’t be deleted within minute but it will be deleted after fixed time.  The exact process is; after deleting facebook account your account will be deactivated and your timeline will be disappeared from the Facebook service instantly. It means anyone can’t find your account on facebook and after 14 days from the deactivation date your account will be deleted permanently.

Note: you have to keep in mind one thing that if you will log in your facebook account within the 14 days of deactivation then your account will be activated again.  So if you wish to delete your facebook account permanently then please don't log in your facebook account till 14 days. Now follow the process:
  • Firstly, log in to your facebook account using your Email ID & password and click on this link to go for Delete Facebook Account page.
  • A page will appear named Delete My Account. So click ob the button of Delete My Account and just follow the instructions to proceed.

  • Now a pop-up will appear. Here you have to enter your Password and shown Captcha. Finally click on the option of Okay to continue.

  • After that an instruction pop-up will appear. So click OK again. 

  • You have done! Now your facebook account will be deleted permanently within 14 days. (Always remember: Avoid log in till 14 days)

How to permanently delete Twitter Account
The deleting process of Twitter is also very easy and it works similar to the Facebook deleting process. After deleting your Twitter account, they will wait for the next 30 days from the deactivation day and then your Twitter Account will be permanently deleted. So, if you wish to delete permanently then you shouldn't log in within 30 days. And if you want to reactive your twitter account then log in using your Email ID & Password before 30 days. To delete your twitter account follow the below mentioned process:
  • Firstly, log in to your twitter account using Email ID & Password and click on this link to delete twitter account.
  • Now a page will appear to confirm the deactivation process. So click on the Deactivate button to delete your twitter account.

  • You have done! Your account will be deleted permanently after 30 days. (Always remember: Avoid log in till 30 days)
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