5 Important Safety Tips for iPhone/iPad Users

The wrong choice may be the cause of an accident. i am saying this because there are several fake and unauthorized third-party product (accessories) of iPhone/iPad are available in market. And these accessories have no capability to work smoothly for a long time. These products are very harmful for your expensive devices.

Be safe and enjoy your moments
Even Apple has released a notice to provide instruction for people about identifying and using only authorized Apple accessories. Some users who are really care about their devices; they are using Apple products - the genuine products that are certified. In this Article some Important Safety Tips are mentioned for iPhone/iPad Users.

5 Safety Tips - How to use genuine accessories

(1) For Apple products, always go with Apple accessories first
Have you ever think - why Apple always release accessories for iPhones, iPads and iPods???  If you are unknown from it then a very simple answer is that Apple not only want to provide several devices (iPhones, iPads and iPods), but also it care about its security in both term - digital security and physical security. That’s why Apple always releases various accessories for devices.

While the unauthorized third-party manufacturers not care about the security of any devices, they only want to sell their products with lots of profit. That’s why unauthorized accessories aren't technically safe for your devices.

And if you are thinking about the high cost of Apple's accessories, then a complete Branded and authorized accessory-makers like Belkin are more usefully second options for you.

(2) Never Use an iOS device when it is plugged in to the mains
This is a very easy and common thing. And it is several times directed for the people instruction, but they still not get improvement on their habit. It doesn’t matter if you’ve found a solid electric system but when your iPhone/iPad is plugged to the mains, then you should strictly avoid using it.

And If it’s urgent, then either you should use another devices till your Smartphone (iPhone/iPad) gets charged or plugged out and use after sufficiently charged.

(3) Use Rubber cases / snap-ons when your iOS device is plugged in to the PC or laptop
If you are habituated to use your devices when it is plugged with your PC/laptop then you need to be careful. You have read in news paper or in news channels about the Chinese woman, who was using their device when it was plugged with laptop and she got electrocuted.

i am not saying that you should not use in this manner, but you will have to care for your safety. If you wish to use it, then a rubber casing should be must around the iPhone/iPad. It will be very helpful to keep away from touching the metal parts.

(4) Buy a new charger the moment it begins to act up
We know very well that Charger is one of the most important things for our devices. Alike the every product, charger have also its age. When it starts to act weirdly, then you should understand that it’s time to change this charger. After using any charger over a year the system of electric circuit becomes more complex and little unusual. So, you should go for a new charger, instead of a use older.

(5) Make safe proper earthing in your electric connections
Usually proper earthing happens in the houses. But you need to be careful about electric connections. if you are observing even a little fault in your electric connections then short out soon, not ignore it. Your carelessness may be the reason of a huge loss. Feel free to share your comments with us.

I personally suggest you to keep in mind these above mentioned safety tips. i hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to share your valuable comments with us.  To know more tips and tricks, latest updates, Mobile tips and iphone/ipad tips click here.

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