November 26, 2013

Clueful : Best Android Apps Privacy Analyser

You may notice that most of the smartphone apps in these days ask for specific permissions such as accessing your contacts details, sending their text, using Gallery photos and even many more. For being safe from this type of situation, we must have well knowledge of all the things that these apps ask and also need to take strong steps.

We all know that our smart phone keeps many private data and various contact numbers. So if anytime you feel (or doubt) that any app is leaking out all your contact numbers or sending your private data to others, then please remove that app immediately.
To take care of your privacy, Clueful is one of the best options for you. Clueful is just like your personal Adviser that provides you all the detailed information about what Apps (the apps installed by you) are performing silently without your knowledge. 

This app is new to Android and available for 2.2 and up iOS users. It is able to show you your privacy score and all the data in filter form. Clueful app is very easy to use and provides you a detailed and complete analysis about all the apps that are installed in your Android phone.

Clueful : Best Android Apps Privacy Analyser

How Clueful Works
As you will open Clueful app, it will scans all the apps that you have installed on your Android and also will compare with its Cloud database from the Bitdefender. One important thing you need to keep in mind that Clueful requires Internet connectivity to perform this action.

After successfully scanning and comparing, it will categories them as High risk apps, moderate risk apps and low risk apps. It also shows you a Privacy Score. Privacy Score is very helpful to know that how much safer you are. See the below mentioned screenshot to know more about Clueful.
Interesting Features of Clueful
(1) Once the apps classified, you can view a depth and accurate analysis of the apps privacy just by clicking on that individual app.

Clueful : Best Android Apps Privacy Analyser

(2) It also allows you to uninstall apps just inside the app (as shown in above screenshot).
(3) You are free to filter all the apps and then view which particular apps are using your location, which particular apps are viruses, which apps are using very intrusive ads and many more things.

Clueful : Best Android Apps Privacy Analyser

(4) It works as advanced security tool such as Antivirus, anti-theft, web security and SMS control.

Clueful : Best Android Apps Privacy Analyser

(5) It scans every app immediately that you download from Google Play and categories it as a low risk app, moderate risk app or high risk app.

Clueful : Best Android Apps Privacy Analyser

Many Android users are using this amazing app and all the android users should have this app who thinks that privacy is their first priority. Feel free to share your view about this app. You can get more interesting tips and tricks, latest updates and Android tips by clicking here.

Extra information about Clueful
App Size: 1.6M
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Get from here: Download Clueful app

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