Why Only Few Posts Appear on Blog Homepage?

This is a very common question of many Bloggers - Why Only Few Posts Appear on my Blog Homepage? And I think this is a very panic situation for Blogger who face this problem. I am writing this Article because recently (two month ago) I have faced this problem and felt very bad when this problem appeared on my Blog. 

When this problem appeared that time total 121 posts were available on my Blog. And I have selected 7 posts to show on Blog homepage from the setting option, But only 3 posts were showing on my Blog homepage that time in the place of 7 posts. 

A screenshot of that moment is shown below;

Why Only Few Posts Appear on Blog Homepage?

Alike me, many Bloggers are facing the same problem of Only Few Posts Appear on their Blog Homepage. This is not a very difficult task to fix this problem but without solution this is a worried situation for you. your tension will be double If your Blog getting nice traffic with audience response and this type of problem occur then it can create a bad impression for your Blog. After seeing your Blog people will think;

Either this is a new blog or This is not a good and popular Blog.

But please stop worrying, because today i am going to share a very simple solution to fix this problem. So, follow the below mentioned instructions and fix your problem very easily.

Why this happens?
In real, when you add any picture, screenshot or chart inside your Blog post simply by drag and drop or Direct from the web in the place of using the Insert image wizard given in post editor. 

Now here you may ask – what is the problem if photo added by "Drag and Drop" or "Directly From the web"? 

Then its simple answer is; These photos are encoded as Base64. And the image content is served from the post code, not served on a hosting service like Picasa. so, this constructs the post excessively large, and the triggers auto pagination to cause display this page segmentation.

How to fix this problem
If you wish to fix this problem and want to show all selected post on your blog homepage then just find out the image or screenshot you have added by drag and drop method or directly from the web in your previous posts. 

If you get that image or screenshot then just remove it from the post and just insert it again by using the option of "Insert image" wizard in post editor. 

Always use the option of insert image wizard

After performing this process, you will be able to see that your all selected post has been appeared on your Blog’s homepage. If you are facing this type of situation then you must apply this tips and tricks to fix. I hope you enjoyed this article, Don't forget to share your valuable comments with us.

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