August 23, 2013

How to Remove All Traces of Your Windows Activity using PrivaZer


Sometimes you share your Windows computer with any friend or family members. Then possibility is, they may track your all Windows Activity very easily like: your recently used app, Movies or video clips, Files and data, browser history and many more thing.

You may remove all these activity if you are a skilled PC user by the help of Disk cleanup or Clear browsing history, but all these steps takes lots of time to remove all the windows activity. So, here you need a simple way to perform this action. And if you really wish to find a simple way for this action, then I will recommend you PrivaZer app.

What is PrivaZer?
PrivaZer is a PC cleaner which is capable to clean your Windows PC and external devices. It has ability to remove the all unwished traces of your windows activities and provides you a suitable protection to your privacy.

PrivaZer app is completely free to Download and compatible with approx all OS like: Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, 32bits & 64bits. I would like to share with you few interesting features of this app; you can freely install it on your system or run it as a portable version. This app not only scans your computer but also provides you the option to scan your external devices like: Ipods, External Hard Disk, USB drives and memory cards etc.

How PrivaZer works on windows PC and remove all traces

Firstly, you will have to install this application on your system (See How to install). After complete the installation, on the first screen two options are available as Basic or Advanced interface. I recommend you to go with advanced user, because from here you can get few advanced tools for your windows PC. And click on Next button for go on next screen.

Next screen is the place of this app, from where you will have to select the operation. For instance, I selected here the Scan in-depth operation for C Drive of my system. You may also select another option too if you don’t wish to run the full scan on your system. Other options are: Internet activity, Software files, Old Files, History and Registry files etc. After the selection, just hit on “OK” button. As shown in below screenshot. 

After that next screen will appear, where you will be able to see the listed items that program suggests for scanning. From this list, you can check or uncheck few of them according to your wish before hitting the scan button. When your selection is completed and then simply hit on the Scan button.  A screenshot is shown below.

As you will hit on Scan button, then the scanning process will quickly start on your Windows PC. I assure you, it will take only few minutes to complete the scanning process.  When scanning will be completed, you will be able to see the scanning result as shown in below screenshot. And when you will hit on the “clean” button, then your all windows activity will be cleaned successfully.

PrivaZer app is doubtless very powerful and impressive utility app for your windows PC to clean all traces and remove junk files from your system. And very important thing is that it takes only few minutes to clean all traces. I am using this amazing app and you should also try this app on your Windows system. 

How to perform these actions with PrivaZer App:

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