How to Reset Restriction Passcode on iPhone/iPad devices using iFile

If you have forgotten the Restriction passcode that you have set on your iphone/ipad devices, then to reset it is one of the most difficult things for you. It is because, for reseting the Restriction Passcode you will have to perform few actions on your device.  Before sharing the Reset methods, I would like to mention about Restriction Passcode in brief. 

What is the Restriction Passcode?
Restrictions are the process by which user can control what part of their iPhone/iPad device is receivable. Users have the options to disable apps, control the installation or deletion of apps and many more things via Restrictions. In order to use this feature, users used to set a passcode on it and that used password called the Restriction Passcode. Usually, users used to set this passcode by going on the option of Settings → General → Restrictions.

And it has observed several times that if user has forgotten it, then it seems impracticable to reset the Passcode without restoring user’s device as a new device.

But here the optional solutions are available for fix this problem. Whenever you forget the Restriction passcode of your iphone/ipad device, then there is no need to restore as new device in order to reset it. It can be done manually through a single file. Give an attention on below mentioned steps.

(1) Firstly, Keep a backup of your device.
(2) And just open a file ( from the backup and customize it.
(3) After the customization, import the file into the backup.
(4) Now, Restore your iphone/ipad device to the backup so nothing is lost.

And for those users who have jailbroken their device, the process can be a little easy. By the help of iFile, you can do this things manually correct on iPhone/iPad without having to go by dint of the notions of using a backup extractor etc.

The below mentioned method assume that once it has been tried (and failed) to break the passcode. Its means, you will see an ‘X Failed Attempts’ in the area of Restriction passcode (where X = any number).

If you have a jailbroken iPhone/ipad device, then you should follow this method (Jailbreak Method) for reseting Restriction passcode.

(1) First of all, Download and install iFile.
(2) Go to var--> mobile--> Library--> Preferences
(3) And Locate the file named as and tap on it
(4) Now, Tap on Text Viewer
(5) Make a Search for SBParentalControlsFailedAttempts’ (you can only type ‘FailedAttempts’)
(6) You will be able to see a <key> and a <string> for this field just like this:
(But the number within string might differ)
(7) And just below this, type the following:
(8) Now, its time to quit everything.
(9) As usual, open the option of Settings → General → Restrictions again and just enter 1234 for the code.

Congratulation! You are in successfully. Now you can change the code to something suitable. If you wish to see some more tips and tricks related to iPhone/ipad then click here. Feel free to share your view on this Article.

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