How To Create Highly Strong Passwords To Prevent Hacking

This isn’t any new thing that people are using various online accounts in these days. They use different accounts for different services like for Emails, online shopping, Blogs or Websites, Business transactions and many more other services. But managing these all account’s password is a very challenging tasks for them.

 In fact, they feel very difficult to remember all the passwords and so, they create very easy password for all accounts. Even Some people either used to write their all password in a list and put that list into bags/ wallets or create the same password for all the accounts. And these are the reason that their accounts are not safe from hackers and other peoples.

But in today's time it is one of the most important things to have a highly strong password for your mobile devices, all online accounts or many other applications. Because, it has been a very easy task for the hackers to find out your account’s password by the help of just matching it with the dictionary of similar words used as a password.

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You can imagine – what you will do if one of your account has hacked? You will be in a huge loss, because they can use your account according to their wish at any harmful and dangerous places. And if your accounts are fully protected by the help of very strong password then you will feel safe during any type of online transactions.

Here some important steps have mentioned for How to create highly Strong Passwords to Prevent Hacking.

Step (1) Firstly, you should try to Check out the ESET Threat Blog. from here you will be able to know about the most common passwords. After the checking, you have to completely avoid using any passwords or numbering combinations that are listed on this list.

Step (2) Always you should test the strength of your password before creating any password. And this is not any difficult task to test the strength of password. You can easily test using the pages like How Strong Is Your Passwordor How Secure Is My Password”. Don’t worry about the security these sites are managed by Intel and it will also show you the detail of - how long it will take a hacker to crack your password that you are testing.

(For instance, if you will test the passwords using birthdates or simple names/words then it will show you the message like: it would take only few seconds to crack your password.)

Step (3) Most important thing - make sure that the passwords of your email and other social networking accounts are completely different from the password of your bank, ATM, PayPal or other accounts by which you make any transaction. Because to keep your money accounts more protected is most important task. Even do not use the same letter or numerical combinations also.

(For instance, if you are using the password “central1213″ for your Gmail account, then please do not use “motion1213″ or “central2123″ for other accounts. It’s because the use of “1213″ and “central” on both the accounts will make them very easy to hack.)

 Step (4) Many people recommend that always you should use a nice combination of letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks in creating strong passwords. But I personally think and realize that it will be very difficult to remembering the passwords of this type of combination. So, the use of phrases and affixing letters from the related site will be very easy to remember.

(For instance, instead of using the password like “AX9j@S”, you can use the password like “My!Twtr&Garage” or something that is memory retaining.

 Step (5) Most of the online accounts and services providing the option of 2-step verification. So you should enable the 2-step verification for email accounts. You can see that Google accounts and also Yahoo, have included the option of 2-step verification for more security. When you will enter your phone number then 4 or 5 digit code will be sent on your mobile. You have to just put this code in box provided space then your account will be protected. (You have both options for verification text or voice message.)
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Step (6) The use of password manager is also a nice way to secure your accounts, because by the help of Password manager tools you will be able to remember your all accounts password. It will not only help you in creating highly strong and uncrackable passwords, even you can also create a master password for all your all the services and after that open your accounts from the password manager. The best examples of Password Managers always include Last Pass, 1Password, and also RoboForm.

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How To Create Strong and complex Passwords
I hope it will be a surprising thing for you to know that there are several ways to create a long, strong and complex password. Some suggestions are mentioned in below chart that might help you to remember it very easily:

Completely avoid during creating passwords that use:  
  •  The Dictionary words in any language.
  • Words spelled backwards (important --> tnatropmi), common misspellings, and any abbreviations.
  • Any Sequences (1234567, abcdefg) or repeated characters (222222) or the adjacent letters on your keyboard (asdfghj), you should make different like: UVCBNVQ2R9ER. 
  •  Any Personal information Like: Your name, birthday, driver's license, passport number and other similar information.

Check your password - is it strong or not? [Start Password Checking]

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