How to keep your child safe on Internet

We all knows very well – What is the importance of Internet in these days? There are lot of things are available on internet which can’t be found in Books & Magazine. And so, children are taking help of internet for complete their study and various projects given by their teachers. These are the reason by which many parents are allowing their kids to use internet and they are providing their children a personal computer or laptop.

But this is not the meaning that you are caring about your children. It is also very necessary thing that you know about your child’s activities or completely unknown, when he/she use internet. Yes, this is your responsibility to know – which type of site your children are using on internet, on which thing they are wasting their time, which type of contents they are reading and many more things which can effects your children very badly.

HowToUncle is going to share important tips and tricks in this Article by which you can keep your child safe on Internet. A very amazing and valuable app is available for you and which is completely helpful to protect your child from bad use of internet. And that interesting app is not other than “NetKids”.

NetKids is a complete free app and which is available for all Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8). This app is very convenient to handle that helps you to easily monitor your child’s connection on social networks, and also control the email which is being used on various web-services. This app has designed for the purpose of keep your child safe from various online activities which are very harmful for them. This app has the ability to block all harmful sites and contents on the internet. Even it will inform you about the activities of your child while he/she is online.

You will feel surprise to see this app’s interface. It is a user friendly app. It has various categories and by which it will provide you the information of Daily activities, Appeared warnings, Blocked sites and many other options. 

How NetKids App works
When you will install this app on your windows system, then you will be asked to create a Username and Password. So, you will have to create a suitable username and strong password for continue your Personal account on this website. And be sure it will not affect the other existing programs on your system. 

How to use this App
After creating your account on this app, you will be able to activate or deactivate several features like: Blocking selected sites, keeping an eye on several activities of your child, Monitoring can be easily customized any time. Even it offers you to remove all the browsing history according to your wish. And on the left side of NetKids app, you will see various options as shown in below screenshot. 

These above shown options are very useful and used for different action. Its uses are:
Blocking: By the help of this Blocking option you can block those websites which you don’t want to be seen by your kids. These sites may be like: site in which included adult contents, violence, drugs, alcohols and many other harmful options. 

Search requests: This option will inform you about which type of keyword has been typed by your kids for searching anything on browser. By the help of this option you will be able to know which type of site your child has visited and how many times.

Social Networks: By this option you will know in which social sites your child is connected. 

Emails: Emails option is useful for you to know which type of email account are being used by your child.  

Blogs: This option will inform you that which blog is being operated by your child.

If you will block some selected sites and if that site will be attempted by your kids then they will see a white screen only and this attempt will be recorded in browsing history. And you will easily know about it by seeing on browsing history. Thus you can realize that NetKids app is giving you the complete information.

Key-Features of NetKids App 
(1) It easily blocks the access of harmful sites.
(2) It has ability to monitor the social sites, e-mails and blogs.
(3) It is able to provide reports on Search queries.
(4) Even it creates the reports on the internet used (how many time).
(5) It is also able to control the photo uploaded or downloaded by your kids.
(6) It can freely show the personal details updated by your child.

NetKids is a very valuable and helpful App which is helping parents to easily monitor their kid’s online activities. I have already mentioned above about the various responsibilities of parents for their children and again saying that if you will not care about your kids then they can move towards a wrong direction and they will end their career. So, I am not only suggesting, Even i am requesting to all the parents in the world that please…please…please use this type of Protecting apps for monitor your kids online activities on internet and provide a secure direction for their bright future.

keep your kids safe on Internet

Get from here: Download NetKids App

A screenshot of NetKids is Shown Below:

NetKids app

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