How to Easily Activate Wireless Internet on HTC One

Some user of HTC is worried because the activation of Wireless Internet (WiFi Hotspot) on HTC One is challenging task for them. Those users who has used HTC product before they are using this WiFi Hotspot feature freely and without any distress. But the new HTC One user may be not able to active properly and then they will feel little irritability.

As we all know - HTC One introducing various interesting features (Like: Transfer Messages to Secure Box, Revamped Android UI, BlinkFeed) and its all features are unique and completely different from other rivals. So, it can't be operated easily because the same functionality is not available in other brand of phones. They wants a complete and systematically guidance to operate their device's properly and smoothly. And for the user step by step guidance is very necessary thing for take part in existing brand regularly.

So, here I am going to share step by step process by which they will be able to active WiFi hotspot easily to access & share internet or mobile data.

How Does a WiFi Hotspot Work?
WiFi Hotspot is mainly known for immediately share internet connection with users. And so, it is very advantageous feature for sharing the internet connection of your HTC One with desktop.For get started this feature you will have to activate the WiFi hotspot on your HTC One. If you are willing to share your internet connection with any other systems then it is freely allows you. See: LINE App: Good bye to Communication Gaps!

Steps to enable the WiFi Hotspot on HTC One

Few very ingenious steps are mentioned below which you have to follow for Activate Wireless Internet (WiFi Hotspot) on HTC One.

(1) Firstly, you will have to go on “Settings” application that is located on the Home Screen of your HTC One.

(2) After clicking on settings option, you will have to select “Wireless & Networks” option.

(3) When you will enter in the category of "Wireless & Network" there a "More" option will be appear on your device's screen, you have to select this "More" option.

(4) Then you will be able to see Mobile Network Sharing” option. And you have to select this option also.

(5)  Here, in the list of "Mobile Network Sharing“ you will have to select the option of “Portable WI-Fi Hotspot”.

(The square type front box should be selected which appears right side “Portable WI-Fi Hotspot” option)

(6) After selecting “Portable WI-Fi Hotspot” option, you will have to go for “Portable WI-Fi Hotspot Settings” option for make settings by just clicking on it.

(This is a needed category - for make any changes to your LAN, Security system and User settings)

(7) And after finish all accurate settings finally make a click on “Save” option to save the changes you have made.

Congratulation, now the service of Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi Hotspot) is successfully enabled on your HTC One and you can freely access your desktop’s internet on your Smartphone. Many users have done this setting, now it is your turn - make enable and enjoy Wireless Internet on HTC One. Feel free to share your valuable comments with us.

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