How Can We Access Facebook Without Any Browser On Mac PC

All the computer user always wants a shortcut way for do anything during the work on their system. They always tries to avoiding a long process. this situation is available everywhere, suppose you want to use facebook and for this you turn on your MAC PC and open safari web browser and then go for facebook website and after that you log in your facebook account for use. You don't think that it was a long process for that popular social networking website which we use regularly and everywhere.

In the present time almost every app and even many website are offering their use by just a single click. How you will feel, when you will be able to access Facebook directly from your desktop without using any browser?

So many apps are available in market which might help you to access Facebook accommodatingly on Mac system. You may also able to access other services like twitter using those apps. But a huge and painful deficit of all these apps is that they have crash problems. It can be said that they are mainly Facebook clients who not became fully successful to make all the function according to main Facebook.

But here surprising news is for you - "Head for Facebook" app is a best option for us and it is completely helpful for access facebook Without Any Browser on MAC system.

Introduction to Head for Facebook:

Head for Facebook is a new and very shortcut way to access your Facebook. It allows you a straight access to Facebook without using any browser. Wow, that means you may freely access each and every function of Facebook from your MAC PC without any browser.


 It may be you will think - why we should use Head for Facebook while we are able to access it from our browser? Then a simple answer is that by the help of this app we will be able to access facebook instantly without any browser. it means no need to open any browser for this access. so tell me isn't that interesting and easy for us. And as I have already mentioned in above paragraph that we don't like perform any long process always.

Head for Facebook have also many other interesting settings which we should know. By the help of this setting you may freely set that when do you wish to see it on the screen of your system or when do you wish it to disappear.

For instance, if you are watching any movie then it is an obvious thing that in this time you will not like to see anything else on the screen. So that time it is useful for you and you can set it to disappear when you will use a full screen application. Instead of this, you can also switch it in mobile view and the desktop view according to your wish.

Some more functions are available in this app like: you can set Blur or Darken background when Head is in active mode, you can also Show your Facebook profile pictures at the Head icon and Head can be easily dragged & pulled using the physical principle.
By the above mentioned feature of Head for Facebook, you can realize that it is complete different from various other ports for Mac. You can find many reasons for that but the most crucial issue with those ports for Mac and IOS is crashing.

Overall if you wish to use this app, i assure you that you will find great features in this app. But like other apps it has also a major disadvantage. And disadvantage is that it will not show your Notifications when you will working on head for Facebook app. So,  if you are ready to ignore this problem then this app will prove very useful & easy for you to access facebook instantly. See:Facebook Extends Graph Search with U.S Launch

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