Some best substitute to Google Alerts

Sometimes you want to know the views of the online users about your brand or products.
Because by the help of the users feedback,  you will try to make better than present products or brands.  So if you are really interested to know about this then "Google Alerts" is the best option for this work.

I have already shared with you about Google Apps with low price in India and many other Article about Google apps but here now a new one is available again as a Google alert. 
Present time Google is working very tremendously in crawling the web and they are ready to send you a alert by email during detection of a news story or a web page which includes the information of your brand and product. It has few minor disadvantages and that is;
*The tool may not always work as advertised.
* Google Alerts ignores social media websites mostly. 

About - Some best substitute to Google alert
Here some best substitute to Google alerts is explained which is very useful;

(1) TalkWalker :- it is very nice and liked by many users. it will help you to guide your  recognized brand on the social web, forums, blogs and other online discussion web pages. It will send you the actual-time alert by email just like Google alert. And you are free to subscribe via RSS feeds as well.

(2) :- this is a freemium alerts service. it will help you in the tracking brand mentioned on different social website like Twitter, Facebook and also in blogs, forums, video containing websites and the other public web too.

you will be also able to filter alerts from certain websites and customize setting by Mention's wizard-style. As you will sign-up for Mention, it will instantly offer you a download an app/extension option but you are free for safely skip that given step and move forward the required features.the alerting services  feel necessity for you to specify keywords and for those keywords they monitor web pages nicely.

 (3) Infoxicate :- it takes a different access. From here you will be able to setup “pings” for news which you want in actual time and Infoxicate will send alerts instantly when that happens.

For the example, By this you can receive an alert when any news or article will featured in popular News paper or in popular blogs. Even you will get a alert when a new book by your favorite author is released Or your favorite music band is performing.

(4) Newsle :- it isn’t accurately an email alerts service. But it will help you in tracking your contacts and friends when they will featured in different blogs or web pages, online newspapers and websites. You can Sign-in with your Facebook or LinkedIn account and it will provide complete alert to you whenever your friends and contacts make the news or article. By the use of Newle  as an ego-monitoring tool for tracking mentions of your name on the web.

(5) Bing :- this email alerts service can be get by the Bing search engine.  Macbook Air say that Search for something Bing  while the News Alerts somewhere says that look for a link that at the bottom of the page.      

Here given the syntax, by which you can subscribe to regular web search results via RSS feeds. air&format=rss

As you will add this feed to any RSS reader then you will able to get instant updates when new web pages make it to the front page of any exact query's search results.

I hope that the above explained tools will help you to get instant alert about mention of your brand in the online world.

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