June 27, 2013

How to Download Windows 8.1 Immediately

It may be you have noticed that June 26 was the Windows 8.1 Preview release day. And most of the users were waiting for this day excitedly. If you were not busy anywhere at 9AM on June 26 then you may see after that Pacific Time download links of Windows 8.1 went live and Windows enthusiasts on every side the globe frantic clicked in to get their hands on the file.  

And finally the finalization of Windows 8.1 has done, which will be available through the Windows Store. But for now you’ll have to do the getting process by the old fashioned way. You may go over to Microsoft’sWindows 8.1 Preview website and follow the trail to the .ISO download. Also see:Best Touch Shortcuts option for Windows 8.

Except when you’re installing the Windows 8.1 Preview on a virtual machine, then you should know this: you have to reinstall all your apps. And you have to install from scratch when Windows 8.1 goes RTM this descend. If all these you wish to do for at the present time is brisk around with the update then it will be not the best option to install it on your commonplace systems. 

Instead of these if you are willing to make a cleanly-formatted PC then it is not of considerable deal after the years of tinkering and bartering parts in and out, then you are free to operate the Windows 8.1 preview on whatever you want. Lets know:How to Use Aero Features in Windows 8.

Few ways about installing Windows 8.1

There are described few ways to as a fact go about installing Windows 8.1. Once you’ve successively downloaded Windows 8.1.   You are free to originate bootable media — either a DVD by intense the .ISO or it may be also done by a USB flash drive using Microsoft’s free tool. Do you know:How can get Windows 8's 6 missing features?.

You can be absolutely able to ascend the .ISO in Windows 8 and formally introduce the installed from Windows Explorer. And hopefully it will allow you to perform a custom install (during this install it will move your old Windows 8 files into C:\Windows.old) from the Windows desktop in the absence of having to mess around with your boot choice or just affect adversely  a function key before time runs out. Find out: How can increase the life of laptop battery in Windows 8 ?

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