The Next iPad Of 2016 - iPad Air 3

As sincerely as we wait for the next iPhone, we also remain curious about the launch of the next iPad too. The previous iPad, iPad Air 2 was launched back in 2014, and the year 2015 was all way blank. So this has increased the curiosity and excitement among the gadget lovers as when and what kind of iPad will be released next. So, considering the leaks and the rumors, given below are some details about the new iPad Air 3, which is queued up to be launched in 2016.

As the wait was too long, the demand and expectations are very high regarding the iPad Air 3. So, lets take a look at what is new.

iPad Air 3

Obviously, it will be slimmer than the previous iPad. The thickness has been decreased from 6.1 mm to 5 mm. As this has created another problem, regarding the size of the battery, Apple is trying to keep the same capacity of the battery unit. Flipkart Offers will help you buy such pricey products.

It is made of 7000 – series aluminium body, and the color variants available are silver, space grey and gold, with the beautiful finish to the body design. 

Talking about the display, size of the screen is 9.7 inches with a resolution of 3112 x 2334 pixels, almost 401 ppi, with sharp contrast and brightness.

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The rear – facing camera is the iSight camera, with 8 MP, and the front – facing camera is Face time camera, with 2.1 MP.

Talking about the processor, obviously, it is an upgraded version of the processor of iPhone 6. It is equipped with A8 X processor, an upgraded version of iPhone 6’s A8. It is believed to be 40 % faster than the A7, processor of the iPad Air 2 and gives 2.5 x graphic performance. 

It is available in many variants, but broadly categorized in 2 as:

(1) Only WiFi enabled 
(2) With 3G cellular facility

Also, the price varies accordingly with the storage capacity. Costs for only wifi enabled iPads:
  • Rs. 38,753 for 16 GB
  • Rs. 46,523 for 64 GB
  • Rs. 54,293 for 128 GB

Costs for 3G cellular data enabled iPads :
  • Rs. 48,466 for 16 GB
  • Rs. 56,236 for 64 GB
  • Rs. 64,000 for 128 GB

We all know that the iPad Air is a premium quality iPad and so your will find these products costlier than the same products from another manufacturer. Shopclues coupons will help you getting some discount. We have seen many reviews about iPad Air before but since apple gives something new always we can expect a good change and some unique features in the upcoming iPad Air. 

iPads are commonly used by people who love to watch movies and play games. Since is well equipped with a bigger screen, you will enjoy the movies and other things with this gadget. Many new apps are also made available for the coming generation. And one can easily download these apps from the iTunes store. Many apps are provided free of cost and some are buyable. The free apps will have the certain amount of limitations which you have to follow or either you can go for the paid ones. You may also be interested in checking out: Top 5 Best free iPad Apps for Elementary Students

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