GetResponse Vs AWeber: Which One to Choose?

Undoubtedly, selecting the appropriate Email marketing software is one of the most important actions for you if you want sure success in Email marketing. Since, Email marketing is an influential way to connect with people or targeted customers/user. So, almost all bloggers and Internet marketers use (or, want to use) a reliable Email marketing tool to fulfill their internet marketing strategy.

getresponse vs aweber

At the present time, AWeber & GetResponse are quite popular/successful Email marketing tool and most of the Internet marketers are happy to use it for hosting mailing list, creating email newsletter templates, and sending email newsletters out to their subscribers etc.  Both platform comes with very professional services and have different features with different pricing, which we are going to review below:

What we expect from one Email marketing tool?

Reliable and easy-to-use email marketing software which offers almost all the necessary features that a professional Email marketing tool should have. We look for awesome user interface, amazing customer support, great third-party contact integration facility, and a variety of advanced Email marketing features and surety about the quality of the service by trying it once.

The essential features of this email marketing solution:
  • Responsive Email Design
  • Follow-up Auto responders
  • Huge collections of pre-designed templates
  • Stylish and beautiful landing pages
  • Social Media Integration
  • Video Email Marketing
  • Web form Builder
  • Email or newsletter Scheduling
  • High Email deliverability rates
  • 24 x 7 Live supports
  • Multiple campaign management
  • Email Statistics (open rates and click-through rates)

Genuine Comparison Between Both Tool:

Both GetResponse and AWeber are one of the favorite email marketing tools, loved by tons of users all around the world. Let’s check the comparison below:

(1) 30-Day Free Trial

Both email marketing software’s offers 30-day free trial but generally people prefer to try GetResponse free for 30 days because it does not require the use of credit card or billing information for signing up and the signup process is quite simple too. 

While in order to use AWeber free for 30 days, you will have to enter the billing information (Credit Card) and pay the specified price. If you didn’t like AWeber then you can claim your money back within 30 days, but dealing with the money back guarantee can a very confusing situation for you.

(2) Easy to Use

GetResponse has the numerous free list building guides, step by step courses and webinars etc, which helps people to learn and use email marketing services smartly without any interruption. While in the case of AWeber email marketing tool, you must have developer's skill in order to setup because the integrations with Apps is quite geeky.

(3) Clean and Modern Design

Clean account dashboard, well-designed tools, and large font sizes etc are other amazing attractions of GetResponse email marketing software. Impressive UI always helps you to reduce the eye strain and allows you to work more conveniently over the longer periods of time. 

getresponse email marketing software

While the user interface of AWeber email marketing tool seems quite traditional and full with multiple designs that somehow distracts the attention of users.

aweber email marketing software

(4) User Engagement

User engagement is one the most important things for every business and that's why all small business owners, professional bloggers apply multiple strategies for increasing user engagement to convert sign-ups into paying customers or regular users. 

GetResponse website is not only simpler to use, but it is also better looking and more engaging for users. It contains huge collections of free resources for all users including GetResponse University, Blogs, and GetResponse TV etc that's really a very careful way to serve users. 

email marketing service

While on the AWeber website, only a few suggestions and guides (How-to-guides, Video tutorials) are available for users that are not so sufficient to learn the things.

email marketing software

(5) Monthly Pricing

People always want to grab the best deal at very affordable price and if you are also one of them then GetResponse is really a suitable Email marketing tool for you. 

GetResponse's starting price for 1000 subscribers is only $15 per month, which is a quite a normal price for the business owner, professional blogger, and marketing agency etc. 

email marketing solutions

While AWeber's starting price for only 500 subscribers is $19 per month. Thus, you can easily identify that which one is most profitable for you.

email autoresponder

(6) Support

Support is one of the most important things that one requires while having any problems or doubts. Both the platforms are equally good in support they both are providing live chat support system for all the users.


Whether you're a beginner or an advanced pro user, GetResponse is excellently capable to provide you all the email marketing solutions in each and every way. So, if you want to take benefits of easy and smart email marketing service then I would recommend you to use GetResponse email marketing software for successful Email marketing.

GetResponse is not only an easy-to-use email marketing software of 2015 but also it's an old popular and reliable Email marketing solution that helps you to grow your email marketing strategy successfully.
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