How to Convert Your PDF Inside Google Drive

Google Drive is an excellent cloud service used by many to store digital data and documents. Furthermore, it can be used as a file converter. For example, documents in PDF format can be converted to editable Google Docs for further reuse, but only if their file size is up to 2MB. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to convert it to spreadsheet or presentation format. But we have found one extension which can do all of this, and more. The extension name is Cometdocs PDF converter, and it works inside Google Drive. Users don’t need to leave the Google Drive service at any point, which makes this extension pretty useful.

After installation, you simply need to right-click the document and choose Open with Cometdocs PDF Converter.

how to convert your pdf inside google drive

Now choose the conversion format. As you see, lots of format options are offered. Not only Microsoft Office, but also Images, Text, HTML etc. are supported.

cometdocs pdf converter

Now the service will redirect you to confirm the creation on Cometdocs account, which is needed to use this server. The newly converted file will be right inside your Google Drive account. 

You can open it and use the conversion to one of Google native formats (like you always need to do with Microsoft Office formats) to start editing it.

convert pdf

This extension can also be used to create PDF, which might be even more useful compared to Google Drive’s PDF creation functionality. There is no need to export the file in PDF to your computer and then upload it again, when the newly created PDF file can wait for you right inside your Google Drive.

google drive

The extension is also very fast, and works without glitches. It is definitely recommended to everyone who uses Google Drive very often. I assure, you will love this chrome extension just after using it once

Try out the Cometdocs PDF Converter Google chrome extension and feel free to share your view with us through comments.

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