December 11, 2014

How to Use YouTube Video as Alarm Clock

People have perfectly habituated to set alarms for reminding every task or performing the tasks on the time. They use several kinds of alarm clocks in their daily routine such as traditional alarm clock, setting alarms in mobile phones, computer alarm clock (free alarm clock for Windows), light alarm clock, and many others.

But in these days, video alarm clock is one of the most popular and useful alarm clock options. If you work online or stay connected most of the time with internet connection then using Youtube video as alarm clock might be a very interesting and quite helpful choice for you.

how to use youtube video as alarm clock

By using youtube video as an alarm, you will be able to wake up with your favourite music tracks and tunes. All credit goes to YouTubeAlarm website that offers such a superb facility to set up Youtube video as alarm clock. Here's how to use Youtube video alarm clock:

Use Youtube Video as Alarm Clock

Step (1): First of all, open the YouTubeAlarm website on your browser.

Step (2): On the website, you will get the interface as shown in below screenshot. 

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Here, the time showing inside the "Now" box is current time and you will have to enter the alarm time inside the "Set Alarm Time" box. The search section allows you to search the video you want to use as an alarm ring/sound.

Step (3): So, enter the alarm time in the Set Alarm Time section. Please, remember that entered alarm time must be in 24-hour format.

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Step (4): After that search for the YouTube video which you wish to use as an alarm song. You can freely scroll the search results via the slider.

use youtube video as alarm clock

Step (5): Now select the video of your choice and play it. Pause at the time you want it to play the videos as alarm tune, and adjust volume level according to your wish.

youtube as an alarm clock

Step (6): That's it! Now, on the alarm time (which you specified in Alarm Time section), the website will play your selected video automatically and at the volume level set by you.

Thus, you can easily enjoy your favourite Youtube video as alarm clock music. Youtubealarm website offers you the independency to use any Youtube video and from any time interval as alarm clock. In other words, it’s one of the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. Give it a try and share your valuable comments with us.

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