How to Lock Anything on Your Android Smartphone

Lock anything on your Android smartphone. Droid Protector App helps you to lock anything on Android phone according to your wish!!

You have used several Android apps to lock or hide apps, games, personal Photos & Videos which is available on your android smartphone but have you ever used an app that allows you to lock anything on your Android phone.

Yes, you heard correct "anything".

By browsing on web i got a new helpful application called Droid Protector which have ability to do such task. Let's know in detail about Droid Protector:

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What is Droid Protector?

Droid Protector is an Android app that helps you to lock anything available on your Android smartphone such as: SMS, Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Instagram, Viber, Line, Evernote, etc. Even, it can also lock all the special apps like install/uninstall apps, Lock incoming calls, etc.

How to lock, android apps, Droid Protector Android app

With this app you can easily prevent your kids from purchasing unwanted apps/games or changing Wifi connections and phone settings. Simply, it can be said that Droid Protector android app is a multipurpose app lock which can manage all locking work for your android smartphone.

Droid Protector Android app is free to download and works very fine with all the android devices running on 2.3 or above. The app is easily receivable from Google play store, so there is no need to search here and there to get it. Let’s grab the information about how Droid Protector works on the Android phone.

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How to Protect Sensitive Data with Droid Protector

At first, go to Google play store and install Droid Protector Android app on your android smartphone.

On the starting screen of the app you will be asked to enter the password or draw pattern lock for the protection. Even, it will ask you to add the security question and answer also which will help you later.

After that you have to select the application which you wish to lock on your android phone. Selected app will be locked just after clicking on them. As shown in below screenshot:

Droid Protector Android app, Droid Protector, Android smartphone, tips and tricks

You have to apply the same method in order to hide your images or the albums just by selecting Hide Pictures tab. Addition to all these things the app also lets you decide which of the images or videos available on your android phone are readily accessible.

Once the selected apps and pictures are locked and hidden, no one can unlock them without knowing the password or pattern which you have set. So, if you want to protect your sensitive data with Droid Protector android app then please don't share your password with anyone.

How to lock, android apps, Droid Protector Android app, Droid Protector, Android smartphone, tips and tricks, Best android apps

Most interesting thing, from the settings section of this app you can make few nice entertaining changes like Showing fake cover, Customizing wallpaper and many other things too.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial about how to lock anything on Android smartphone. Please don't forget to write your view in the comment section. Your comments will motivate us to come up with more innovative tutorials and latest tech affairs.

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