August 24, 2014

How to Backup and Restore Xiaomi Mi3 Android Smartphone

Usually, after purchasing and using new android smartphone users want to know - how to backup and restore personal data, apps and settings etc. Because they don't want to lose their important data and apps in any situation.

If you have recently bought a Xiaomi Mi3 Android smartphone and want to know what are the actual process of taking backup and restoring data on Xiaomi Mi3 then certainly this tutorial will help you very much.

Today, i am going to show you how you can backup and restore Xiaomi Mi3 Android phone. With this guide, you can readily backup all your important files such as Apps, gallery, settings, contacts, video etc and restore them very easily too on your Mi3 Android smartphone.

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The process is very simple and you haven't to install any third party android app in order to backup and restore data on Xiaomi Mi3. Xiaomi provided the built-in Backup app on your smartphone which will help you to complete this task within seconds. So, let's grab the step by step instructions:

Backup Xiaomi Mi3 Android smartphone
Step (1): At first, launch the Backup app on your Xiaomi Mi3 Android smartphone.

Step (2): On the next page just select all the files or data which you wish to add in the backup file. (By default, all items are selected)

Step (3): Now simply tap on the Backup button, just after tapping the backup process will start. 

Step (4): When the backup is completed successfully then you will see the 'Done' message on your Android phone screen.

Now, all your selected data are safe. If you want to check the Backup file then simply browse MIUI/Backup/AllBackup/ folder.

Restore Backup in Xiaomi Mi3 Android phone
Step (1): First, launch the backup app on your Xiaomi Mi3 Android smartphone.

Step (2): After opening the app, you will see the backup files. You have to tap on the files which you wish to restore.

Step (3): Now select the items –> System, Apps, Accounts & Contacts –> you want to restore. Tap on Restore button.

Step (4): Once the restore completed, simply tap on Done.

Congratulation! You have successfully restored the backup data on your Xiaomi Mi3 Android phone. Now you can use the backup data according to your wish. 

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