June 21, 2014

SysTools PDF Toolbox – Product Review

Conversion, compression, extraction, and management when all these tasks will be easily and flawlessly executable with the use of single application then, for sure that product is going to be highly adoptable. 

PDF Toolbox is an amazing tool that performs PDF to PDF/A conversion, PDF file compression, extraction of PDF text/images and much more PDF managing operations. Due to all such powerful amenities of this a-one tool with no failure the demand of application is raised under international market.
SysTools PDF Toolbox – Product Review
I have personally used it for PDF file conversion into PDF/A file format as well as another task I have performed using this application is extracting some text and images without any changes in properties. A bunch of facilities that is offering over than expectation is not my all time favourite but also soon going to be in reach of numerous PDF users.

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My Personal Observation For PDF Toolbox 
Multiple tasks that I had performed using PDF Toolbox applications with licensed version of the software are mentioned here:

ü Compressing PDF files without losing single bit of data is the first point that I want to explore about this product. Archiving the PDF data to make PDF files lighter and easy to keep anywhere became the desire of all. To do the same we all want to adopt a simplified manner and with availability of distinct options for the same this tool is serving better.

ü Extracting images with distinct picture quality from a PDF or multiple PDF files is the demand to get some data as backup for future purpose. Images can take it as proof to resolve some forensic and legal cases so clarity is a big concern that should keep in mind and when extraction of PDF images is done using PDF Toolbox then users like me will get the images as those were added into PDF documents.

ü Adding up files or folders for PDF documents then applying desired text extraction methods will easily let the users extract desired data from multiple PDF files at once without annoying them about single bit data loss.  Page options, page range, and much more options are there to be optimized for getting more flexibility towards PDF text extraction without losing its originality. Setting for Header and Footer content is also helpful to keep the desired content in distinct manner.

ü Converting PDF files into PDF/A to make the data visible at any mobile device whether it is cell-phone or kindle or laptop or a big screen without any view issue is also an amenity that should be discussed here when other features are mentioned properly. Simple selection of numerous PDF files to be converted into PDF/A file format also fruitful as it does not compels to learn the process at very starting.

ü Merging and splitting PDF files if there is some oversized file issue or file scattering concern. This is all about PDF file management within the folder or drive so one can easily find out the specific data without wastage of time. If a PDF is packed with multiple pages about distinct topics then managing the data into distinct PDF files by splitting up that in smaller parts is good enough. At the other end, merging of PDF files assists to gather associative information from pieces.
SysTools PDF Toolbox – Product Review

Basic Requirements To Use The Tool Fruitfully 
To bring out the best from PDF Toolbox tool for managing PDF files without distracting and destructing the actions performed by it, there are some specifications those should keep in mind:
  • Your system should installed with Adobe Acrobat 11.0 or lower version 
  • Windows support for all the new and old editions of operating system
  • Recommendation for having 2.4 GHZ processer
  • Having 1 GB RAM is recommend at the computer
  • The free disk space that should be available on computer is 5 MB
  • The set up file size for PDF Toolbox tool is 4.9 MB
  • The active version of the product is 1.0
It means there is not any task or pre-requisite that you cannot follow for using this tool properly.

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Final Verdict :
Analyzing and taking out the features of tool for PDF management is not a big task for me. The personal observation for SysTools PDF Toolbox application made by me says:
Ø PDF to PDF/A conversion is awesome option to make PDF text and images visible without losing originality of document 
Ø Compressing the other need of PDF users is also a good feature that makes you free about worrying about disk size consumption 
Ø Extracting images and text, the another flexibility to let the users perform forensic examinations also powerful to move on

I am going to add up 8.67 points out of 10 for this tool. There is not any hard and fast drawback I have seen within it. Share your own view about this Powerful tool via comments.
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