June 7, 2014

Appiance - Create Your Own Free Personal Browser

Most of the people want to use their own Personal Browser but very few of them know how to create and where to create own Personalized browser. If you are a regular visitor of this Blog then you will well familiar with the name of "MakeMyBrowser". Read in details about it from here.

By some reasons makemybrowser.com went down and the lovely readers of Howtouncle started asking me various question related to that website. I promised them that when i will get information about a nice Personal Browser creator tool or website then i will inform all of you. I think, this is the time to inform all of them because -

Today, i found a very useful website that allows us to create a Free Personal Browser called Appiance.

Appiance - Create Your Own Free Personal Browser
What is Appiance?
Appiance is an easy-to-use tool which helps you create customized browsers for authentic, lasting relationships with your community.

Appiance is a solution developed by SIEN, a French Company specialised in a variety of product and services in the virtual goods & app distribution & provisioning business. SIEN develops their own solutions and explores unchartered territories to deliver value for their clients.

Most important thing: Appiance is completely free of charge!

How can I create a browser for my community?
There is nothing easier than creating a browser for your community. Simply go on our platform! www.appiance.com

It takes only few clicks to create your personal web browser and it is a step by step process (Select templates --> choose your apps --> and manage your browser...)

How does it work? 
ü Build: With Appiance, you can freely create your own browser, and fully customize it, by selecting one of our themes or building your own by choosing a wallpaper and colour for the frame and side-bar. You can choose the name of your browser and you will be able to add side-apps such as RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Email or even your own mobile site. 

Appiance - Create Your Own Free Personal Browser

Appiance is based on chromium technology and it will allow you to add chrome extensions without any coding required.

Give your community the browser that matches their use and expectations!

ü Distribute: Share your browser with your Facebook and Twitter communities and make money for every installation. You can also add a download banner to your website for extra visibility. By distributing your browser you will then be able to engage communication directly with your users. For instance, a banner is shown below:

Appiance - Create Your Own Free Personal Browser

ü Analyze: Keep tracks of your browser's usage in real time to improve its performance: Total number of downloads, how many unique visitors are coming, total number of other actions, etc.
Appiance - Create Your Own Free Personal Browser
You can gather informations as regard your user’s profiles, actions and habits and thus provide them with the best suitable contents and informations. 

Most useful features of Appiance?
  • Easy & Quick: No coding, just drag and drop to create your personal browser.
  • Customization & Design: Create your own design and integrate the relevant apps for your business model. 
  • Social: Turn your browser in a social centre by adding social media apps such as Facebook or Twitter
  • Analytics: Stats are available to assess your performance
  • Monetization: Get paid for every installation made on user’s computer and other monetization channels to come soon :)
  • Customer service: Our international staffs are here to help you 24/7
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Advantages and objectives of Appiance?
Ø Increase users traffic, retention and loyalty: browser is launched when user starts his computer, shortcuts on desktop users, notifications and pops-up

Ø Engage communication directly with your community: keep your users up to date with the latest news and events, notify your users in real time, cut Google ads network

Ø Increase your revenue: distribute your browser to your users and get paid! For E-commerce website, it will help you improve product awareness and increase shopping carts conversion.  

Ø New interaction tool: the browser connects you to your community all the time. Appiance is all about community. Appiance is dynamic and intuitive so you can easily integrate it to your community experience. You will have a persistent presence in your user’s computer and it will benefit to your brand awareness.

>>> Start creating: Your Personal Browser on Appiance

I am using my personal Browser, now it’s your turn to use. Try and share your view with us via comments.

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