June 24, 2014

How to fix if Bluetooth is Not Working in Windows 8 or 7

If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system on your PC and if the Bluetooth devices do not work appropriately then you may feel great pain. Because Bluetooth is an amazing solution for us which is used in daily works such as:

ü We use it to transfer files wirelessly between our computers and mobile devices
ü We use it for tethering a computer to a Smartphone
ü We use it for connecting different peripherals wirelessly
ü We use it for adding Bluetooth support to a desktop
ü And, for many other purposes too.

Many Windows 7 and Windows 8 users feel confused (what I should do first?) when their Bluetooth devices do not work beseemingly. I mean they they feel helpless, I am mentioning this because I have already felt so.

How to fix if Bluetooth is Not Working in Windows 8 or 7

But no need to worry about it. In this tutorial I am going to share a few tips and tricks that may help you. Here's how:
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What you should do if Bluetooth is not working in Windows

(1) At first, update your Bluetooth drivers whatever you are using. I have noticed in most of the cases, it helps to retouch the Bluetooth issue.

(2) Please check out all these things (Bluetooth, Bluetooth OBEX Service, Bluetooth Device Monitor, and the Bluetooth Support Services) are running properly or not. These are also most responsible for Bluetooth to work accurately.

You can check by following the below instructions:
Click on Win + R button to open the Run dialog box and in the box write "services.msc" to open the Services Manager. Now check, if they all are running properly you will see two option as stop the service and restart the service as shown below.

How to fix if Bluetooth is Not Working in Windows 8 or 7

If service is not running then you will see only one option as start the service, so you have to click on the Start Service button to start the service. It may help you.

How to fix if Bluetooth is Not Working in Windows 8 or 7

(3) If both above mentioned tricks not working for you then try this method. Sometimes, this problem (Bluetooth is Not Working) happen because of a issue in the PnPlayer. If your PC is running on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 and just after installing a Bluetooth adapter on your PC, you find following things:
  • First, the Bluetooth Support Service is not being started after restarting the computer. And even,  Bluetooth device is not working too.
  • Second, when you are searching for Bluetooth devices in Control Panel, the search operation is not being completed (running without any response).
In this situation you need to apply Fix308817. It may help you effectively. To know, what is Fix308817? and how to apply for Fix308817? Visit Microsoft Support KB980396.

Please, don't forget to let us know - if any of these methods helped you to fix the problem of Bluetooth is not working in windows 8 or windows 7. Also, share with us if you have another helpful way to troubleshoot Bluetooth issue.

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