May 3, 2014

How to Lock or Hide Files on Galaxy S5 Without Using Any App

Galaxy S5 is the latest sensational model of Samsung mobile and comes with some extraordinary useful features. Like all other ordinary smartphones it doesn't force you to download or install third party apps for using particular features. The development team of Samsung galaxy s5 included several awesome features that make Galaxy S5 exceptionally superb and Private mode is one of them.

How to Lock or Hide Files on Galaxy S5 Without Using Any App
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With the help of private mode feature you can very easily hide and lock all your personal files such as pictures, videos and all other files without installing any third party app on your Galaxy S5. Private Mode is a built-in feature of this newly released Samsung smartphone (S5) and one of the most useful ways to protect all the files available on your device.

Few days back i have covered lots of article about how to hide the files in your android device. If you have missed those articles then you can read now:

In today's tutorial i will show you how you can lock or hide files on Galaxy S5 without installing any android application. Below mentioned tips and tricks are very simple, only you will have to follow a few steps. Let’s start:

How to Enable Private Mode on Galaxy S5:
To enable Private mode feature, you need to swipe down the status bar with the help of two fingers then there you will be able to see few quick settings options such as Wi-Fi, location, vibrate, screen rotation, Bluetooth, download booster, tool box etc. In which Private mode is also present. 

How to Lock or Hide Files on Galaxy S5 Without Using Any App

You have to tap on Private mode option to enable it and select the unlock method.  You can freely use any of them either pattern lock or the new Fingerprint scanner.

How to hide images and Video Form Gallery:
Once the private mode feature is enabled on the device then you can hide pictures and Videos from Gallery. Firstly, go to the gallery and select all the images and video files which you wish to hide on your Galaxy S5. Now tap on the button of three dot menu from the top right side and then select Move to Private option.

How to Lock or Hide Files on Galaxy S5 Without Using Any App

All the selected files will move to the private folder. To hide go back to the Status bar and then turn off the Private mode. That's it! Now, the files will disappear from your Samsung galaxy s5.

How to See Private or Hidden Files:
Accessing the private files is also very simple. Only you will have to enable the Private mode by unlocking the pattern or password. Once the Private mode is enabled you will be able to see all the secret (hidden) files on your device.

Thus, you can imagine about the usefulness of Private mode feature in Samsung Galaxy S5. If you wish to hide any personal and very important files (pictures, videos) form your friend or family members then you must try this feature.

Try it on your Samsung galaxy s5 smartphone and share your view with us through comments. Looking for more interesting and shortcut ways, tips and tricks, tutorials, how-to guide related to Android then check out our Android tips section.

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