July 25, 2014

How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices

You can notice that most of the Android device comes with the locked bootloader. It helps user to prevent from messing up their devices. But if you wish to install the custom recovery or custom ROM on your device then you can't do without unlocking the bootloader. 

So, if you want to install lots of custom ROMs and root your Android device accommodatingly then this tutorial is perfect for you. Today in this article, i will explain you how to unlock the bootloader of nexus devices (smartphone or tablet).

How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices
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To unlock the Bootloader of devices, only you will have to run few Adb commands on your PC and that's all. I assure you, this step by step guide will work on almost all nexus devices. Let’s know how:

Important Warning: Unlocking the bootloader of your device may void its warranty. You can relock bootloader if you'd like to run into the warranty claims. Below mentioned guide will only work on Windows based PCs. This unlocking process will wipe off all the data stored on your device, so don't forget to take the full backup of your android device before starting this procedure.

Instructions to Unlock Bootloader of Nexus Devices

Step (1): At first, enable the USB debugging mode on your device. You can do this by going to the Settings --> About phone --> Build number and Tap 4 to 5 times on Build number option. Now the Developer option will enable on your Android device. You need to hit back once and then select Developer options, after that check the box for USB debugging as shown in below screenshot.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices

Step (2): Now download the Fastboot folder on your Windows computer and extract the downloaded zip file on your desktop. 

Step (3): After that connect your nexus device to the PC through Original USB cable and open the fastboot folder on the PC.

Step (4): Now hold down the “Shift” button on your keyboard and make a right-click on the empty area of your screen. From the options, select “Open command window here”.
How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices
Step (5): Here, a command prompt window will appear on your desktop. In command prompt type the following command and hit Enter:

adb reboot bootloader

How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices

Step (6): You have to wait till a big Android logo (big Android with START) appears on your device’s screen. When it does, type the following command to unlock the bootloader of your Nexus device.

fastboot oem unlock

How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices

Step (7): Just after entering this command a bootloader unlock confirmation page will appear on your Nexus Device's screen. Here you have to tap on “Yes”.

It will erase all the data stored on your Nexus Device and bootloader will be unlocked. That's it! Now you can freely install custom ROM and recoveries on your device according to your wish.

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