8 Best Apps for Your Home Theater

There are a few useful apps available on the market that you can use with your home theatre. These apps will help you to either enjoy your home theatre experience a little more, or to set up your home theatre Systems. The list has no particular order as the items on the list all do different things. Here are eight of the best apps for your home theatre.

8 Best Apps for Your Home Theater

Try these useful apps and make your Home Theater Systems extraordinary or enjoyable:

(1) RunPee
This is a free app for the android, iOS and Windows operating systems. It tells you when the less interesting or less important bits are coming up so you can nip to the toilet. If you have ever watched the movie Legion, which is 20 minutes of action spread across the entire film that is mixed in with pointless talking, then there are plenty of opportunities to go to the toilet.

Get from here: Download RunPee App (iPhone/iPad)
                           Download RunPee App (Windows)

(2) Audiocalc
This is an app you can use with the iOS, and it will cost you three dollars. It allows you to use your phone to control the visual and audio elements of your home theatre. It is handy for helping you decide where you should put your screen for the best picture and where you should put your sound system so that you get the best value.

Get from here: Download Audiocalc App

(3) DB 
This is an iOS app that will cost you one dollar and it is a decibel meter. It is used by people wanting to calibrate their speaker levels manually. It gives guides for manual calibration and speaker setup guides. It also allows you to measure the decibels of other things, which may be handy if you have a problem with your car exhaust and want to know if you are breaking local laws by driving your car.

Get from here: Download DB App

(4) HTCables 
This app is for the iOS and is just 99 cents. It shows you how to wire up your home theatre and gives you tips and advice about cables. It is especially handy if you are trying to buy cables for a certain device or purpose. It sells itself on the idea that picking the wrong type of cable may still make your home theatre work but will diminish your viewing experience and therefore your viewing pleasure. 

Get from here: Download HTCables App

(5) Dijit Universal Remote Control
This is a free iOS and Android app that allows you to control your home theatre with your phone. You link it to your home theater equipment and then use your Smartphone as a remote control for it. There are a few apps that have similar functions around the home, with the most popular being one that can control your heating system via your phone.

(6) Speaker Pop
This is an iOS app that costs five dollars and is a palm-sized polarity tester. It uses the microphone on your phone to hear if you have wired your speakers correctly. It does a DSP analysis and helps you get the most out of the home theatre you have bought. Sadly, it is only a one trick pony, but you can get your money’s worth by going round to your friends’ house and checking their equipment too.

Get from here: Download Speaker Pop App

(7) i.TV  or IMDB
This is a free app for the iOS and it offers you a TV guide for your home theatre. It does have other functions, but it probably redundant these days since most TV services come with a TV guide you can access with your actual TV. Still, it is handy if you are not near your TV at the time. 

Get from here: Download i. TV App

This is a free app you can use with the iOS, Android, and Windows 7. It allows you to see things you would normally see via the IMDB website. It can be used to have a look at reviews, but it is far more handy for learning about production data or the actors within a movie, such as the other movies the actor has appeared in.

Get from here: Download IMDb App

(8) Home Theater Glossary 
This is an Android app that costs your 99 cents, and you can use it to search through your movies with keywords. It helps you to learn a bunch of new words via the keywords you type in, so for example, if you hear the phrase "Breaking the fourth wall" you can see how it was a phrase first used in the theatre where people would break and talk to the audience or make it known that they knew they were being watched.

I hope you liked these Home Theater apps. Looking for more interesting Android apps, iPhone/iPad apps then check out our Android section or iPhone/iPad section.

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