March 19, 2014

Are You Using These Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts?

We all are well familiar with the amazing features and usefulness of Windows 8. Few months earlier Microsoft has launched its latest operating system, Windows 8. The latest operating system comes with improved stability and high safety which is a great plus point for Windows 8 users.

After the launch of this latest operating system so many users are upgrading to it from older Windows version. The speciality of Windows 8 is that it works very smoothly on both desktop and touch devices.

Are You Using These Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts?

The users who use Windows 8 on touch devices, they can perform their work very easily with swipe and by touching the device. But desktop users have not any more convenient option in the place of using the mouse to click. This is the main reason; Microsoft has included the keyboard shortcuts in this latest version of Windows operating system to make the work faster and easier.
Most of the Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts are just similar to the keyboard shortcuts existing in the previous Windows versions. In this version Microsoft has not added completely new keyboard shortcuts only added a few new, because users has habituated of using previous version keyboard shortcuts.

If you are using Windows 8 and want to do work very fast then you must use these Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts will not only help you to do work fast but also will save your lots of time. These are some Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts that you must know:
Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts ~

Shortcut                                 Description
Windows Key + D                            Show Desktop

Windows Key + C                            Open Charms Menu

Windows Key + F                            Charms Menu – Search

Windows Key + H                            Charms Menu – Share

Windows Key + K                            Charms Menu – Devices

Windows Key + I                             Charms Menu – Settings

Windows Key + Q                            Search For Installed Apps

Windows Key + W                           Search Settings

Windows Key + Tab                        Cycle through open Modern UI Apps

Windows Key + Shift + Tab         Cycle through open Modern UI Apps in reverse order

Windows Key + .                              Snaps app to the right (split screen multitasking)

Windows Key + Shift + .                 Snaps app to the left (split screen multitasking)

Windows Key + ,                              Temporarily view desktop

Alt + F4                                             Quit Modern UI Apps

Windows Key + E                            Launch Windows Explorer Window

Windows Key + L                            Lock PC and go to lock screen

Windows Key + C                            Cycle through icons on taskbar (press Enter to 
                                                             launch app)

Windows Key + X                            Show Advanced Windows Settings Menu

Windows Key + E                            Launch Windows Explorer Window

Windows Key + Page Down           Moves Start screen and apps to secondary monitor 
                                                             on the right

Windows Key + M                           Minimize all Windows

Windows Key + Shift + M              Restore all minimized Windows

Windows Key + R                            Open Run dialog box

Windows Key + Up Arrow             Maximize current window

Windows Key + Down Arrow        Minimize current window

Windows Key + Left Arrow           Maximize current window to left side of the screen

Windows Key + Right Arrow         Maximize current window to right side of the screen

Ctrl + Shift + Escape                       Open Task Manager

Windows Key + Print Screen        Takes a Print Screen and saves it to your Pictures 

Windows Key + Page Up                Moves Start screen and apps to secondary monitor 
                                                             on the left

Windows Key + Pause Break         Display System Properties

Shift + Delete                                 Permanently delete files without sending it to Recycle Bin

Windows Key + F1                          Open Windows Help and Support

Windows Key + V                            Cycle through notifications

Windows Key + Shift + V                Cycle through notifications in reverse order

Windows Key + 0 to 9                     Launch/show app pinned to taskbar at indicated 

Windows Key + Shift + 0 to 9        Launch new instance of app pinned to taskbar at 
                                                              indicated number

Alt + Enter                                        Display Properties of selected item in File Explorer

Alt + Up Arrow                           View upper level folder of current folder in File Explorer

Alt + Right Arrow                             View next folder in File Explorer

Alt + Left Arrow                               View previous folder in File Explorer

Windows Key + P                             Choose secondary display modes

Windows Key + U                             Open Ease of Access Center

Alt + Print Screen                             Print Screen focused Window only

Windows Key + Spacebar                Switch input language and keyboard layout

Windows Key + Shift +Spacebar  Switch to previous input language and keyboard 

Windows Key + Enter                     Open Narrator

Windows Key + +                            Zoom in using Magnifier

Windows Key + -                            Zoom out using Magnifier

Windows Key + Escape                  Exit Magnifier

I hope you found these Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts helpful for you. Feel free to share your view with us through comments - you are enjoying your work with these Keyboard Shortcuts or not?

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