How to update Google+ Posts via SMS

I hope, you have used or still using various third-party apps or extensions to share or Schedule Google+ posts but today in this post you will see a unique trick which allows you to update your Google+ post using your Mobile's text messages.

How to update Google+ Posts via SMS

Recently Google has introduced a nice feature called Google+ SMS. With this new feature you can very easily update your post on Google+ circles. Google+ SMS is very simple usable feature and doesn't need any extension or third-party app.

In other words it can be said “use Google+ offline”. I am saying this because there is no need of internet connection to use this feature, you can access the needed part of Google+ through your mobile text messaging. Check our previous articles related to Offline use:

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To use Google+ SMS feature, you will have to activate this service on your mobile phone. once the service is activated on your mobile then you can freely use the various things of Google+ like Share post publicly or with a circle, +1 a post, Comment on a post, Take help, Turn Google+ SMS ON or OFF just by sending command through your mobile text message. Here’s how;

How to Activate the Google+ SMS feature
Step 1: Firstly, go to your Google+Settings page.

Step 2: Under the Notification delivery level, Click on Add phone number option.

 Add phone number

Step 3: Select your country then enter your Phone number and just click on Send verification code button.

enter your Phone number

Step 4: Now you will receive an instant SMS from Google with six digit pin code.

(SMS you will receive like: your Google verification code is 608219.)

Step 5: So, enter the verification code in your Google+ settings page and simply click on Confirm button.

 enter the verification code

Step 6: That’s it! Now you have connected your mobile number with Google+ account. You will get a special number from Google that you have to use to start posting updates through SMS.

update Google+ Posts via SMS

To updates your Google+ post, you have to send SMS as usually you do. But here you have to enter the special number provided by the Google and write your text and simply send. For the example, a screenshot is shown below:

 updates your Google+ post

Now, as the Google+ SMS server will receive your SMS then it will instantly update your post in Google+.

Google+ commands that you can use:
  • If you wish to Share a post publicly then you have to Add +public to your post.
  • If you want to Share a post with a circle then you have to Add +circle name to your post.
  • If you wish to +1 a post then you have to Reply +1.
  • If you want to Comment on a post then you have to Reply with your comment.
  • To get help from Google you have to Reply Help.
  • By any reason if you wish to Turn Google+ SMS ON or OFF then simply Reply with Start or Stop.
Note: These all commands are available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Swahili, Indonesian, and Thai.

I hope you liked this article. I have tested this feature on my mobile number and it works impressively. Now it’s your turn to use. Give a try and share your view with us through comment. you can join us on Google+ from hereLooking for more useful tips and tricks, latest updates related to Google then check out our Google Tips section.

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