Top 5 Tips and tricks to Make Your Online Transaction Secure

Now in these days Internet is the only thing which is involved in people’s all works and activities. Internet has made people’s life full with comfort and easier. And due to this comfort ability people also don’t want to go here and there. They perform most of the work online from their computer or smartphones via internet, because various dedicated websites and mobile apps are available for their use.

For instance: Booking railway tickets, booking movie tickets, shopping online, online money transfer, Bill payment and even students are studying online. Thus you can imagine that all work has become very easier by the help of internet.I have listened many time, people say – India is fastest growing country. And if it is right then I will say that online shopping business is growing too fast in India.

Top 5 Tips and tricks to Make Your Online Transaction Secure

According to survey reports, more than 132 million Indian users use Internet. But many of them still do not wish to make online transaction for online purchasing. You will say – Why? Then simple answer is due to the online fraud. Online fraud is increasing in these days because hackers are applying various new methods to cheat you. And sometimes you may be in huge loss if you don’t know the appropriate process of online transaction.

It is very necessary and important task to protect your online banking accounts for online transactions. So, here need to know How to Make Your Online Transaction Secure.

How to make your online transaction secure

Ø Always check Payment gateway and site’s Page URL
You may notice during the making an online transaction, payment gateway asks you to choose the appropriate bank and its options. There are some payment gateways that are very popular and well-known, so you can pay on those. But I suggest, you must check the URL for being sure. Because it has been seen sometimes skilled hackers use phishing to build fake page that looks exact the same as original sites. While the payment is always connected with bank, so at this time, the bank login URL must be checked once.
You should also check that the app is being used by you whether app is using https URL or not. If a payment gateway does run on HTTPS protocol then go ahead, otherwise avoid using this.

Top 5 Tips and tricks to Make Your Online Transaction Secure

Ø Use Virtual Keyboard for Superior Security
You have seen many times that all the banking websites support virtual keyboard. You must use this virtual keyboard when using any public computer or friend’s computer for online transactions. It will protect your password from the keylogger.

Many people don’t know how to use Virtual keyboard, but it is very helpful to use if you wish to completely protect your online accounts password. To know about the Keyloggers click here.

Ø Always use Updated Antivirus
There are several viruses available in market that can harm your system badly. Some viruses like Trojan, Worms and many other type of virus can very easily steal your all browsing data and send to the Hackers or attacker. So, you must have specific security arrangement installed in your computer or laptop.
Top 5 Tips and tricks to Make Your Online Transaction Secure
For the example, you can remember the incident of US when Zeus Trojan were used by the hackers for $150 million Bank hacking.

Ø Always Download Apps from Official Stores
This point is very important for the smartphone users. So I am suggesting to all smartphone users, please always download the mobile apps from official app store and avoid other app stores. Because there are several fake and unauthorized app stores are available which contains countless apps binded with Trojan. And it is very dangerous to use apps from these types fake app store.

Top 5 Tips and tricks to Make Your Online Transaction Secure

But Official apps have all the original apps available then why to take risk. For all the android users I recommend to use Google play store always.

Ø Avoid Public Computers and Public Wi-Fi Hotspot also
If you are following all above mentioned important tips and tricks to secure your online transactions then this point is also one of them to Avoid Public Computers and Public Wi-Fi Hotspot. Now in these days almost all the shopping malls, hotels and restaurants offer free wi-fi hotspot. But you should completely avoid using these wi-fi networks, because Hackers can very easily perform MIM attack to steal your account passwords.

Top 5 Tips and tricks to Make Your Online Transaction Secure

Always follow these above mentioned tips and tricks to Make Your Online Transaction Secure, because online shopping and payment process is made for people’s use then why we will not use these facilities.

I hope you liked this Article. Feel free to share your view with us through comments and also share some more tips and tricks with us if you have.

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