August 9, 2013

Instagram allows to Upload Videos from Phone Gallery

In previous Article I have shared the tips and tricks about Instagram App for Windows 8 and now I am again present with latest updates related to instagram. Here a latest update for you and that is now Instagram allowing you to Upload Videos from your Phone’s Gallery.

Recently, Instagram has updated its interesting video feature. Now, users will be able to upload their favorite videos from phone’s gallery very easily and share with the friends on Instagram.

 As we all know that Instagram included once video feature back in June month. At that time, Instagram only allowed the users to import video only by recording within the app. That feature also worked very impressively and as instagram updated that feature, within 24 hours more than 5 million videos were uploaded by its users. But the users noticed one thing that they can’t upload previous recorded videos.

 But instagram fulfilled the wishes of all users by updating this new feature. And now you can upload any videos from your phone’s gallery into Instagram and share among your friends. Addition to this, Instagram has also a built-in video editor by which you can easily trim and crop videos in a square form according to your wish. This (built-in video editor) is a bounce feature for the instagram users.

You should keep in mind one thing that in the Android devices, this feature is only obtainable for those phones which are running on Android 4.0 or higher.


You will be surprise to know that Instagram for iOS comes with one more additional feature and that is automatic-straightening technology which is applicable for their photos. The icon of Straightener provides iPhone/iPad users to straighten photos taken either from the camera or uploaded from phone gallery. 

It seems that feature of automatic-straightening has taken from the Twitter’s vine. I am saying this because; at the present time Vine allow some brands/products to upload videos. But all people are waiting for this yet. And Instagram has rolled out this amazing feature freely for all users.

 You can easily download Instagram 4.1 app from the App Store and Google Play Store

Feel free to share your valuable comments about this new feature of Instagram.

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