Why Are Solid State Drives So Expensive? [Top 3 Reason]

   You will have seen - the various intensive promotion and advertisement of SSDs (solid-state drives) had shown in front of people, when it introduced first time in market. That time it was the most discuss topic for the users. Media outlets were presenting its several features and talking about how SSDs is better than HDDs (hard disk drives). According to the present market, they’re not wrong. Because, now in these days each and every product requires Advertisement in different way to come in the view of peoples.

But when SSDs went into the market, people were very surprise to seeing its price tags. They started to think & discuss about its expensive price. Many people were asking why SSDs are 5-10 times more costly than HDDs. And i think, you will also want to know about the expensive cost of solid-state drives. Really it is very nice thing, always you should try to know the accurate details about the product before purchasing. There are various reasons for this; here I am going to describe some best reason about - Why Are Solid State Drives So Expensive?

1). The complicated Form of NAND Flash Memory
As we know - the Flash memory is one of the very popular & widely-used concepts. You may see, it is available in your USB drive, memory cards (video game systems), and your phone and in many more devices too. For maintaining storage without frequent electrical power the Negated AND (NAND) logic gate flash is very useful and valuable. This is the need of SSDs, since there’s no remaining energy passing through them when you turn off your devices. NAND includes a difficult thing and that is: usually it has a limited number of write cycles, that means each & every transistor will rub over time.

In the any case if your hard drive rubs its transistors (NAND), you may finish up with anything from even a slight rejection to serious objectionable data loss! To detract this, SSD producer make use of very complicated procedure that would amplify the existing of their transistors. It is still not much safe but at least well than that. One of their nice techniques consists of comprising some more transistors to make amends for the unanimated ones.

During the manufacture of this product some problem appears. It’s very arduous for the manufacturers of to get over the NAND transistor limitations, and they perhaps not ever will perfectly remove the issue. Writing to an SSD incessantly will destroy it accordingly. And you will lose your several important data completely. That’s why always you should just store your operating system and core programs on it and keep most important things else (Files, documents, invoices, pictures, etc.) in a hard drive.

2). Device Assembly is very Complex
You have known about the whole NAND issue, the assembly procedure of an SSD is other ultra complex procedure. The controller and firmware both should be situated inside of a brief space and then it should be tested for hours for the stability and compatibility along with the computersthey will be inserted into. This adds expressively to the cost of production.

And we can say -The manufacturing cost is also the important reason why their (SSDs) prices get progressively higher per GB for higher-storage units. While in HDDs, there is no more difficulty & no long procedure. it have only a little problem and that is; storing more memory within a very small space due to its mechanical function. So, it is available with simple cost.

3). SSDs Are Low Demand
We all are familiar with the rule of market that if a nice product it launched then its cost should be also nice (not less but also not much higher), and then it will be demanded why the people. According to the current market sell the demand for solid-state drives (SSDs) is increasing, as compared to the HDDs, and still it only occupies a very small part of market share. And most of the computer manufacturers comprise SSD as the default storage device in their laptop and computer, so, it can be said that absolutely its price will drop in the future. (In fact, if you will compare its price between now and a year back, then you will realize that the price of SSDs has already dropped). But still the price of SSDs not dropped as should be.

But there is very nice news for you - The increasing demand of mobile devices will also increase the demand for solid-state storage. This originates the important incitement to make these technologies cheaper and cheaper.

After seeing above mentioned points it can be state that; A annexation of expensive raw materials, low market demand, and the costly manufacturing procedure make for the powerful prices of SSDs. but be sure within some year SSDs will be very cheaper, because as time will spent the several alternative of it will appears. Feel free to share your valuable comments with us.

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