Best 6 Reasons Why Windows 8.1 Failed Users

Recently some days ago we all became familiar with Windows 8.1.  And the various features of Windows 8.1 were the most discussed topic for us. Many people have discussed about what the modification in Windows 8.1 have done suitable for Windows 8

But only few users have discussed about why Windows 8.1 in fact failed them. It seems - Microsoft has only focused on a intense release cycle. They've completely forgotten that Windows 8.1 was meant to upgrade Windows 8 to what it should’ve been upon the time of initial release.

In previous Article i have shared  about How to Troubleshoot the Problems with Installing Windows 8.1 And here some reason has explained below about Why Windows 8.1 Failed Users.
1. Start Button
We can say, the reason of preview's greatest discouragement is long-awaited Windows 8.1 Start Button. Yes, it is the reality because when the users asked about the Start Menu back and Microsoft replied, perhaps they hoped for better option than just a literal start Button. But The Start Button and “Start Menu” is nothing more than a admired Win + X Menu in Windows 8.1.

It broken the hope of Windows 8 users, this is not the Start Menu option they were looking for. Even this isn’t closer from that option, and many users were looking for the substitution, so they’ll try to stick with the freeware programs like we’ve covered to obtain the Start Menu back.

2. Upgrading Hassles
Improving to the Windows 8.1 preview – users felt discouragement because of they were not able to install it on a separation of virtual machine. As i have also mentioned this in my previous Article that when you select to upgrade to the preview as resisted to installing it separately, firstly you will have to re-install all your existing apps when the final version rolls out. 

You will think here - why?  Then it’s because “upgrading” process works just like you would generally upgrade or install a major update to an OS, without losing data, and there’s no Inference at the back of why Microsoft would make users go through this difficulty.

If you were excited to see what Windows 8.1 was all about, but you will be not success for it because you don't know how to install it on an individual partition of virtual machine. This stops you out of the preview entirely.

3. Enhanced Apps
We all were hoping so much from Microsoft. Because Microsoft bragged for months that huge changes were coming to the Windows Store, as well as various apps in Windows 8.1. But sadly, only two or three enhanced apps rolled out like: Health & Fitness and Food & Drink. While they’re extensive apps that take benefit of what the modern feel of Windows 8 has to offer, many of the other so-called “enhanced apps” published only work half the time or also not at all.

Reading List and Scan is buggy, with the latter which only functioning with wired scanners for the time being. There’s been no hotfixes to these apps to make them work for all users in Windows 8.1.

4. Internet Explorer 11
We all were expecting about the new interface of Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 8.1, but in the Windows 8.1 preview is tweaked of IE 10. Very less fronts and modifications came to the new IE 11 which is supposed to emergence how Windows 8 and the Web perform together. 

We can say that most of the excellent features of IE 11 won’t in fact to be released until Windows 8.1 comes out in its final version release. It’ll depend on the web sites, blogs and services to transform how they do things so that they freely work within IE 11.

In the case of Internet Explorer 11, it seems like a overall waste of energy in the Windows 8.1 preview, since reality is that no material is existing to the users to try out.

5. SkyDrive Integration
After seeing it we can say - Complete SkyDrive integration ultimately comes to Windows 8 in the Windows 8.1 preview. But a little difficulty is present with it and that is you can’t turn it off. In fact it can be said - you can’t uninstall it at all. For those users who using other cloud-based services and settings, this can be a difficult task to deal with if you unconsciously turning on SkyDrive during the process of Windows 8.1 installation.

It (SkyDrive Integration) should’ve been part of Windows 8 from day one. But why they waited for it until now is it thinkable? While its integration is almost intact, even not being able to uninstall. SkyDrive is a drain on system resources and a task of irritation for those who might unconsciously save or drop files in SkyDrive folders.

6. Doesn’t Address Anything Wrong with 
Windows 8
Including everything, it clearly seems that Windows 8.1 provides just a imitate changes, app improvements and additions to the OS that actually don’t notice the basic difficulties with Windows 8. In fact Windows 8.1 just need to “improve” upon what we already be familiar with, Windows 8 is instead of noticing the fears from users that the PC version is a mere touch screen OS port.

Even many user are discussing - If Microsoft wanted to give the complete attention on the mobile market, then they should’ve revealed a mobile-only OS instead of introducing Windows 8 for PCs. There was still room for several advancements and modifications to Windows 7 to Emulate on the OS market. Instead, Microsoft once again has demonstrated its eyesight is more crucial than its functionality with Windows 8.1.

After observing the above mentioned points, finally it can be said - when the Windows 8.1 will arrive in final version release form, various bugs will still need to be fixed by particular Windows Updates. it will be a unfortunate statement that - Microsoft’s improved aim may emerge as the fall from prosperity of the first major upgrade to Windows 8. It is difficult to say now, but coming time will tell if Windows 8.1 can sincerely live up to the exceptional as it heads in relation to official release.

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