July 16, 2013

Surf Facebook More Easily and Quickly by Using Shortcut Keys

We all are nicely familiar - Facebook is the best & No.1 social networking website, and the population of facebook users increasing day by day. You may notice that approx all the mobile and computer user use facebook to connect with their friend, family, and others. Most of the youngster are using facebook full time after their duty & study time. We can say, Facebook is playing a vital role in the field of communication. Even many professional users are taking the advantage of facebook through communicating with international clients. They easily makes long discussion here through chat, video calling.

 Some facebook users are using facebook very quickly than you. Now here you may ask - why? Then the answer is that, they are using the facbook shortcut keys. They are able to access facebook quickly,  because by the help of shortcut keys they are doing various tasks within the less time like: Compose New Message, Open account & Privacy settings, Go to Homepage & on your profile and many more tasks. And as i have mentioned many time - the users always likes the shortcut way.

So, here in this Article I am going to mention some important Shortcut Keys for Facebook users. And I assure all of you - these Shortcut keys will be very helpful for you to access facebook faster.

These shortcuts keys are different for each browser. You should enjoy the faster access of facebook by the help of these keys.

Facebook Shortcut Keys For Google Chrome browser:-

Alt+0 = Help Center

Alt+1 = Homepage

Alt+2 = your profile

Alt+3 = Send friend request

Alt+4 = Open Message

Alt+5 = Access Notification

Alt+6 = Go to account settings

Alt+7 = Go to Privacy Settings

Alt+8 = Go to Official Facebook page

Alt+9 = Go to terms & service conditions

Alt+? = Go to search box

Alt+m = Compose New Message

Alt+l = like or unlike a selected story

Alt+c = comment (when a story in your News Feed)

Alt+j & Alt+k = use for scroll between News Feed stories

Facebook Shortcut Keys For Mozilla Firefox Browser:-

Shift+Alt+0 = Help Center

Shift+Alt+1 = Homepage

Shift+Alt+2 = your profile

Shift+Alt+3 = Send friend request

Shift+Alt+4 = Open Message

Shift+Alt+5 = Access Notification

Shift+Alt+6 = Go to account settings

Shift+Alt+7 = Go to Privacy Settings

Shift+Alt+8 = Go to Official Facebook page

Shift+Alt+9 = Go to terms & service conditions

Shift+Alt+? = Go to search box

Shift+Alt+m = Compose New Message

Shift+Alt+l = like or unlike a selected story

Shift+Alt+c = comment (when a story in your News Feed)

Shift+Alt+j &  Shift+Alt+k = use for scroll between News

Facebook Shortcut Keys For Internet Explorer browser:-

Alt+0+enter = Help Center

Alt+1+enter = Homepage

Alt+2+enter = your profile

Alt+3+enter = Send friend request

Alt+4+enter = Open Message

Alt+5+enter = Access Notification

Alt+6+enter = Go to account settings

Alt+7+enter = Go to Privacy Settings

Alt+8+enter = Go to Official Facebook page

Alt+9+enter = Go to terms & service conditions

Alt+?+enter = Go to search box

Alt+m+enter = Compose New Message

Alt+l+enter = like or unlike a selected story

Alt+c+enter = comment (when a story in your News Feed)

Alt+j+enter & Alt+k+enter = use for scroll between News Feed stories

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