LINE App: Good bye to Communication Gaps!

We all are being attracted towards the latest & unique products, Apps and features in these days. There are several alternatives with advance features are available in market. And the expectation of peoples will never end for something special.

But now in these days an awesome Communication application is in demand by everyone and that is "LINE App".  Yes, it may be you have seen its advertisement on TV or Internet. But if you are more excited to know about it then this Article is dedicated to you.

About LINE App
LINE App is one of the latest communication apps that attracted the heart of countless people within very less time. And the impressive features of this App may be the reason of its vital attraction. In the starting it was only available for Android and iOS phones, but very soon it extended the platform of use to Windows Phone as well as desktop computers. This is a great achievement and we will be stunned to know that LINE App is being used by approx 180 million users all across the world. 

You can say - LINE App is the communication app without any limitation. That means LINE App have to any specific usage limit and you can freely enjoy unlimited free calls & messages. By the help of LINE App users can willingly send images, video and audio messages to each other.

Furthermore, this news will be helpful for you to know more about it that LINE App has been conferred with the title of one of the best communication apps by the A grade countries.

The cherry on the cake as far as this special Naver Japan app is anxious, that it stand to complete with a number of preloaded cute little stickers. Here you may think about the use of these stickers. so, its use is that they will help you in communicating with your friends without using words. Moreover, you can easily download these stickers, and these are completely free of cost. LINE App has also same abilities like social network function, by which you are free to post statuses and that can be read by your friend circle of Line.

And finally, we reached at the conclusion of that in spite of this application having a various unique features adjacent with the same, the free calls & messages feature, still tends to stay an all time favorite among the lot.


Line v/s Whatsapp:
I have mentioned that lots of alternatives and competitors are Available in market. And for the LINE communication app one of the powerful competitors is "Whatsapp". Basically as compared to Line, Whatsapp is well known to use a easier user interface thus ensuring very easy navigation for its users.

It may be that you are familiar with it - WhatsApp has a best ability that it automatically adds contacts to the user's WhatsApp contact list. Whatsapp is Conversant mainly to make able for uploading a profile photo according to your wish, Google maps for identify current location, and a very fastly and easily reply on chats and statuses, a nice option is also appears as a Group chat option that means you may always connected with your collage group, office group or many more.

However, this is a noticable thing about both that there is a interesting feature available with the LINE App which shows the difference from Whatsapp. LINE App is able to make free calls & messages transfer for any mobile device, PC or Mac, which is completely absent in the case of Whatsapp. Even, LINE App is also smoothly works for send short audio & video messages,

Thus we can finally get a observation that many people who were using various Communication app (Whatsapp) that not have switched to line but are instead happy using the updated version of Whatsapp.

Line v/s WeChat:
In present time, another best communication app is in demand and in use by the people. And that interesting alternative is “WeChat”.

Since WeChat has arrived from the China market, so it has obtained heavy attention of users specifically in the Asian countries. Because the people of Asian countries are using several product of China from many year ago.

 Besides of this, the best feature that are recognize to set WeChat apart from LINE App notably comprise video conferencing, synchronization between your phone contacts and GPS, completely secured message storage and of course chats that are free from the disarray of needless advertisements. As far as the interface of this special app is affined, it is Conversant to bear close similarity to the interface sported by Whatsapp.

As we all knows, LINE App offering free calls & messages feature to all its users, on the other hand WeChat is going to come with the free video calls feature. However, the cherry on the cake as far as WeChat is concerned still Arrear to the Live Chat feature made available by this client for the group chats.

After observing above mention thing finally we can simply state that the LINE App has not been comprehensively successful in driving away WeChat from the communications app.

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