How to Setup Mail in iPad and iPhone [Tips]

If you are a iPad/iPhone user then it possibly can be said - you have faced the problem of mail settings. I am saying this because countless users are using iPad and iPhone but several users don’t know about this setting. And thus they are still not using this interesting feature of iPad/iPhone. This setup is not a very difficult task; even it’s a very simple setting. But because of they don't know How to Setup their existing email account in the Mail app of their iPad, iPhone devices.

So, today in this Article i am sharing some tips step by step for the setting of mail in ipad and iphone. Before using your email account on iPad/iphone, you will have to add your account to the Mail. For this simple setup you have to just follow few steps and which is mentioned below. Follow these steps and I assure you will be able to use it within few minutes.

Steps to Setup Mail in ipad and iPhone

1).Firstly, you will have to go on the home-screen of your ipad/iPhone device and click on Mail Icon to start this process.

2). Now, here you will find a list of various Email account. Just select your account type from the given list which account you want to setup on your iPad iPhone device. If you not find your account in the listed account then Tap on "Other" option.

3). after selecting your account, you have to Enter your account details like: username & password and tap on Save. This Mail app able to configure most of the email accounts automatically, there is so no need to add other settings on your devices.

4). if you have saved your account details successfully – Now you can easily start sending and receiving email through your device’s Mail app.

I hope you are realizing very easy to setup this mail in your ipad/iphone. You are also free to configure Extra (Additional) accounts by tapping on Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account.

How to Check SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings

1). Firstly,Tap on Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. And Under Accounts you will have to Tap on that account from which you’re endeavoring to send the mail.

2). And now,Under Outgoing Mail Server you have to tap on the option of SMTP.

3). You have to Tap on the SMTP server for your email account and make a clear verification that settings are correct or not.

4). Here, you should notice - If you have several email accounts on iPad, then you should try to use an SMTP server from different account. For this you have to Tap the SMTP account and Select on the On/Off slider.

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