How to control the viewer of your Facebook Profile updates

We use the Facebook and its many apps which we like most; we share photos, videos, texts and other thing. But during the use of these things we get puzzle sometime -- when we don’t want to show these updates to all my friends and we want to show these for selected one.

If you don’t know how to do this then in this article I am going to explain that how to control the viewer of your Facebook Profile updates, even without unfriend them.

If you are using the Facebook and want to show your Profile updates for selected friends then you have a nice option to control this situation. Those friend which you not willing to show your updates, you should add them in restricted list. After the friends added in restricted list they will be able to see only that updates which will be publicly.

By this feature you can control the willing updates as well as relationship with those friends too. During reading this article you will think that “what is the difference between the blocked friends and restricted friends on Facebook?

So, here the differences are given:-
 Restricted friends:- When you add friends in restricted list then they will be not able to view your Facebook profile updates only.
 blocked friends:- When you block friends then they will be unable to view all the thing, unable to chat, unable to tag etc.

How to control the viewer of your Facebook Profile updates

(1) Firstly, you have to sign in to your Facebook account.
(2) After the sign in go for the gear icon at the top of right side in the Facebook home page and just select Privacy Settings.

(3) When you will get Privacy settings page, then just choose the Blocking section option which is at the left side of the page. 
(4) After the click on blocking section, A new page will be appear on the screen as Manage Blocking then just click on Edit List which is link under Restricted List option .

(5) Now, as you will get the Edit Restricted window, then select the Friends button to show your entire Facebook friends list.
(6) And for restrict any friend from viewing your public updates, just click on their names.
(7) And after the friends selected by you for restrict from your updates, just click on the Finish button to save. as directed in below figure.

By the help of this interesting feature of Facebook you will be able to control viewer of your profile updates according to your wish.

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