How to Backup Your Gmail Attachments With IFTTT

Automation is the Name which appears when the things should be done quickly. As i have recently shared Articles related to Gmail like How to accurately Guess Someone’s Email Address. And here I am going to introduce Few option that may be use to automatically backup the shared files in your Gmail. 

What is the use of this option?
This option is mostly used for simply create a backup of those files that you receive via email. it is very valuable and useful if you are deleting Emails from your inbox because of the size limit, then it enables you to delete emails freely without worrying about losing affiliated files. For the outset you have to join by visiting to the IFTTT website and after that you may either sign into an existing account or may create a new one. 


You can create by Clicking on the link that is located at the very top of the page. And select the option of Gmail from the list of the various Trigger Channels. 

As i am using IFTTT for the automation of various appearance of my Google activity, and my accounts are already linked. If you want to do so then it is very easy process.

There are several Gmail triggers available with the IFTTT channels. You may choose according to your wish to working with attachments, click the ‘Any new attachment’ box.
Create Trigger by Clicking the option followed in that trigger box. And you may select whatever you would like to happen when you will obtain a email with attachment files. You may select by your requirement because there are lots of options here.

For the intention of this article, here we have to create a backup of received files. By the selecting this option the Attachments will be automatically sent into cloud storage services; for the example here we are using Dropbox to house all of my attachments.   Once Dropbox options selected then click on "Add file from URL".

After the backed up of email attachments, you may add the file name according to the necessity. For this just click on + button in the "file name" section and then you can utilize drop down menu for delicate how files should be titled.

You may use various thing to build up files title like;
 (a) the file's name with email subject line 
(b) Sender's name.

You are free to use similar arrangement to select where files should be saved. You can put here the path of a Dropbox folder, Created based files option, Received date of files, and other numerous elements.

And when you’re complete, then click Create Action, give little description for your recently created recipe and click on the option of Create Recipe Of course. There is very flexible action here, in addition to backing up files to services, but this process of backing up attachments will be used as a trigger. For the example you could use IFTTT monitor to your Dropbox account and even upload image files to Flicker. Feel free to Share your ideas and experiences below in comment box.

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