Two best method to Disable Startup Applications in Windows 8

In daily life sometime we see that, we have an urgent task to do but when we turn on our computer then we can hardly handle the work its because of our system is working too slowly. for start the computer we wait some time for work properly. some people get irritate to use computer in this situation. and some of computer work properly but it takes time during turn on. the reason may be that all application are in active mode.

By the help of this article i will show you the method by which you can disable startup applications in Windows 8 and speed up your system startup time.

Note: there are many other ways to do such this job. But this article will show you nice one, this is focused on by the use of the native tools in Windows for do this job.

There are two methods:
Method 1: Using the Task Manager to Disable Startup Applications
From the starting the Microsoft System arrangement is allowing us to remove startup programs. And this system utility is still present there, instead of it longer providing this function. Microsoft has already integrated this feature into the Task Manager.

For run the Task the Manager, we should right-click on the bottom of left corner’s screen and just select “Task Manager” option (or press Ctrl + Alt + Delete).

After this If you see the facilitated version of the Task Manager, and then just click the option of “More Details."


Now just Go to the “Startup” tab, and select the apps which you don’t want to run in the startup and then click on the “Disable” option. After this process it will block the selected apps by you from starting, it will work when next time you will start the computer.

Method 2: Using the Startup Folder to Disable Startup Applications
Some applications are also present in the startup and that run during the startup. And ingressing this folder is a heavy process it because it is deeply and nicely rooted within the operating system. But we a option to access quickly by the help of the Run utility.

For this make a Right-click on the bottom of left corner's screen and just select “Run” option (or press Winkey + R).

And just Type %AppData% in the search field and click on option of “OK”. It will open the Roaming folder.

Now just go to the “Startup” folder, which can be done by given file path as shown below:

After the accessing of “Startup” folder, just make a right click on apps which you want to make disable and then just select the “Disable” option. And it blocks the apps which is selected by you from starting. it will be able to work when you will start the windows next time.

Is it really usable?
Definitely it will show the effect of these disables process and it will end the waiting process during the computer start.It may be work slower if the computer is bogged down by startup programs.  If the problem is getting more serious, it may be the reason that being late for certain tasks. However, its solution is quick and easy.

You can try and see that the above mention procedures are being operated just in less than one minute.  And after the process done you will get that the less starting timing of your computer and it is done by the not needed applications from the startup apps. You can check your startup list recent and try to keep your computer always running smoothly.

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