May 19, 2013

How can start to use Galaxy S4 as The best Smartphone

As we now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has became a need of everyone in these days, so its users can operate it by some latest tips and fast working tricks for access it in a better mode. The Galaxy S4 has revealed and still trying to provide many latest features for make and prove it as one of the best Smartphone in world. 

Here in this post i am going to explain some nice tips and tricks for the new user of Samsung Galaxy S4. lets see,

How to take a screenshot:
Sometimes in daily use you saw any nice and funny screen and you wish to share it with your friends or relatives.  then In this situation, Galaxy S4 has very easiest and nice ways to take a screen shot and share it wherever you want. you can do it as,
  • At first Press the power button which is located on the upper right corner of your smartphone along with home button.
  • After done this correctly, you will get the screen flash and a copy of the image will shift into your image gallery. 
How to manage the mobile data limit:
Dear users If you are in trouble by the unmanageable condition of data usage limit plan in your smartphone then be happy. yes,Galaxy S4 have a option to allow you to manage your data usage limit. After the set data usage limitation, the Galaxy S4 will stop automatically its uses.
  • Go on your Settings option and press on Connections tab at the top side of your phone.
  • Then next, go for Data usage option and tap on it.
  • And finally you can Check the Set mobile data limit option. From there, you can manage it properly.
How to Hard reset your Galaxy S4:
If you are phasing some great painful issues then hard reset your Galaxy S4 is a perfect and vastly working solution . you can try it, it is very simple as directed.
  • At firstly, power off your smartphone.
  • Then just press the volume up, home and power buttons in together until the S4 phone displays the its logo with recovery screen. then leave all these three buttons immediately.
  • Along with the support of the volume down button, navigate to Wipe data/Factory reset option and just press power button.
  • After that select the option of  Yes-delete all data and press the power button once more.
  • Now, As soon as the hard reset process will end, then just select power button to boot the phone in normal mode.
How to enable a security based lock screen:
You can do many and more multitasking work on your Smartphone in these day. As for example, email, surfing social networks sites, play song. Then it is very necessary to keep all your valuable info secure from the spy. For this the first way of defense is to enable a security based lock screen . In Galaxy S4 the feature of enable lock screen has given. so lets know how to enable a screen lock on Galaxy S4,
  • First Go Settings and press on My Device at the top side of your phone. 
  • Then tap on the Lock screen option. From there, you can select  options, that options may be of security pin or finger pattern to lock your phone screen.
How to install new apps on your Galaxy S4:
  • At first go on the Galaxy S4 home screen, and tap on Google Play Store app. 
  • Now, On the main Google Play Store screen, you have to choose the Apps panel on the left side of screen.
  • Here, for installing a new apps you have to option, one is browse or another is make a search with support of the magnifying glass icon at side of screen.
  • When you will get that app which you want to install then tap on Download option.
  • After that tap on Accept & Download option for get the permissions for that app.
  • Then your Selected app will download without any type of delay.
  • When it will finish then After downloading the app, it will install self in background and will appear in  your home screen.
i hope you enjoyed this article. share your valuable comments with us.

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